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pools of sorrow, waves of joy — Paradise Falls 
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Chan Eastfall
Chan joined the rush, completing the roughly-triangular barrier their sudden presence created to entrap the animal. Most of his life, he had felt guilty in these moments. The cries of any creature knowing it was about to be murdered had gouged at his heart. With children of his own to protect, however? He found himself numbed to whatever horror the bobcat was experiencing as they tore it apart. If it kept Marigold, Addison and Micaden safe, it was right.

It's neck broke as he pulled and tugged, finishing the deed. Chan let drop what he'd been holding so tightly onto, tufts of fur staying behind in his mouth. He wrinkled his muzzle and tried to scrape the strands off his tongue with his teeth.

"We should let the others know."

He didn't expect Colette to join himself and Mar, but a meaningful glance was given all the same to communicate that she would be welcomed.

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The others did not hesitate to jump in after, and soon the scent of blood was all around. They ripped and tore, numb to any strikes the smaller feline managed to score upon them. There was no reprieve granted as the cat’s shrieks turned from anger, to panic, then pain and fear. Then there was a distinctive crunching, and it went limp. The whole thing was over almost as soon as it’d started.

Tracking the little bastard had taken longer than killing it. Cole tried not to let her disappointment show at that. Chan’s words helped ground the ghost though, and after a couple of breaths she’d nod her agreement. ”Yeah. I’ll be right behind you.”

At that, she’d stoop down to grab the creature by it’s limp neck and begin dragging it back. It wasn’t their typical prey, but it was meat. Food. They’d be foolish to waste that, especially when it’d probably been stealing from them to begin with.

And if nobody else wanted it, Cole would keep it to herself.

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