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Pursuit of Knowledge — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Euna Valle

Euna replied with a soft defeated, "Okay" to announce both her disappointment and compliance to her father. A smile returned to her youthful face. "Yes! Yes!" She chipped shrilly. Of course, she wanted to know all about the rain's adventures! She allowed herself to be embraced by him and eagerly awaited what he offered to share with her. Tiny tail thumping against her flank as she lay curled up. Another yawn escaped the pup but as she blinked back the sleepy tears her eyes fixed on him expectantly. She would not rest until the story had begun.


Dead Empress Backwater
— through trials to triumph.

One Kiss away from Killing
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At the very least, Euna seemed to settle down even if the defeated nature in her voice made him frown. He had to bite back a soft whine to accompany it. His children had him wrapped around their tiny little paws, and they didn’t even know it. He was sure with time they would figure it out as all children seemed to… but for now he could still maintain at least some level of discipline and insistence over them.

“Okay, one time, the rain was far to the south, where the weather was warm… the air was different, crisper and almost lighter than before…” He would begin, telling the tales of rain getting lost over the sea, and how a fish was to guide them home. He would tell it with all the vigor he could muster, and playful voices to make it more entertaining for the small child, hoping it would lure her in and she would forget all about the outside.