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Brought Cha Something — Dead Empress Backwater 
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Sage Hervok
some fairy tales are more than true

Sage watched him intently, leaning in ever so slightly. Curious green eyes studied the boy as he inspected the pried-open mussel. She found herself amused as he stared at it. She'd been a bit confused herself, but less hesitant. After what felt like the longest moment of her entire life the boy poked at it. The corners of her lips began to curl and her tail thumped against the ground excitedly. She hoped he'd like his prize.

The she-wolf bit back a giggle when the pup's face scrunched up. The flavor was different, earthy, creek-flavored, with a hint of mushroom in her opinion. Sage watched him eat it, waiting for his critique patiently. A soft laugh parted her jaws, "I agree, but, it's a decent snack." After eating so many she'd begun to acquire a taste for the shelled animals.


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