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venture — Bramble Falls 
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Apologies for the delay! But thank you for the thread, I enjoyed writing with you <3

The wolf acknowledge her idle comment with a flick of his ear as he began to wander further down the stream. Rye continued eating, content to simply watch as he chased down the ever elusive fish and spent his own energy, while she refilled hers. She had been hungrier than she thought, chowing down on every last bite with a pleased hum, licking her lips.

The thought of having to continue a one-sided conversation with a wolf who did not seem very interesting dimmed her initial intrigue of the wolf. She side-eyed the bobcat and its offspring where they were finishing up slaking their thirst, and with a nasally exhale Rye stood, shook out her coat one last time to dry herself off, and began padding off in a random direction. She felt no need to say goodbye, as the wolf would likely not say anything in response anyway.