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return — Paradise Falls 
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Jethrᴏ Kane
It’d been far longer than he’d initially planned. While he hadn’t particularly enjoyed the extended absence from his family, he had wanted to be absolutely certain that there was no threat of fire in their vicinity before returning. That, and the rare opportunity to scout for any sign of Caspian had kept him out longer.

And as far as he had been able to tell, there wasn’t a clear sign of either fire or the wayward yearling. A longing that hung heavy in his heart to see his family - all of them - felt heavier than ever the closer he’d gotten. And the very moment he stepped across that wonderful familiar border he tipped his head back to announce himself.

I’m home, there’s no danger nearby, for now.

Jethro hoped it’d put them all at ease, despite the scent of smoke that still at times hung heavy in the air.

He wondered who he’d see first.

-dating this back to 9/10 since I've been busy. Jet's coming back - open to anyone who wants to join in but he's not 'requiring' it. fine if anyone wants to create just one reply acknowledging this but not directly approaching/interacting. whatever works for everyone!
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Finley Lennox

It had been much longer than expected that Jethro had been gone, and Finley had been growing more worried by the day. With the absence of Caspian already pulling at her heart, she couldn’t imagine having to explain to Atara that her father was also gone. She hadn’t been sleeping much and restricting her eating more than usual with the absence of the herds and the exhaustion was clear in her appearance. Her face appeared sallow with lack of sleep and her frame was a few pounds lighter than it should have been. Despite this, her pelt was still kept immaculately, that was one thing she couldn’t give up.

The call felt as relieving as the first rain at the end of last year’s drought. Not only had Jethro come home, but there were no fires in the immediate area which meant maybe a little bit of extra safety for her wayward son. Quick to arrive on the scene, green eyes swept around to see if anyone else had joined them and once assured they had at least one moment of privacy she rushed forward. Pressing her forehead against Jethro’s chest she breathed him in deeply, feeling muscles she had not even realized were tense relax for the first time in weeks.

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Jethrᴏ Kane
A part of him had been hoping she’d be the first one he’d see, and all Jet paused for was a second or two to see if Atara was following. She wasn’t, for now, so he leaned forth to greet Finley. It was a moment of pure, taking in that wonderful touch along with the sweet, comforting scent of family and home. Every worry was gone for a moment.

”I missed you,” he rumbled lowly, half wishing they could just forget it all and go out for another evening, like the one last winter that’d started this. But he couldn’t, not tonight at least, when there were possibly others on their way and surely things to address. For now, that idea was shelved, but certainly not forgotten.

The thought of the pack prompted Jet to eventually take a step back. Only then did he notice just how tired she looked. ”How're you? And the others? Cas?” He couldn’t stop himself hoping that one of the reasons he’d found no sign of the boy was maybe that he was back home now.

(--ill steal another reply--)
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Finley Lennox
Couldn't help myself, but I won't post again until the other pack members have a chance <3

The mother let out a content sigh at his words, eyes closed and letting other senses drink him in, his smell, the sound of his breathing and heartbeat deep in his chest. When he pulled away she forced a smile even though she knew he could see through it, ”I missed you too.” She kept the smile for as long as she could, even against his worried eyes, but it finally faltered at the sound of Caspian’s name. It faded slowly and all she could do was shake her head.

She couldn’t put it into words without dissolving into tears, which she didn’t want to do if the pack was only moments away. Sniffing once she focused on the other question, ”The packs been managing, but…” The Lennox woman hesitated for just a moment, hating to be the bearer of bad news, ”The smoke seems to have driven the herds away, we’ve been scouting but no luck. She knew she didn’t need to explain any further, he would know how dire of a situation this could quickly become.

Turning to look over her shoulder to make sure nobody was still around, Finley stole one last momentary embrace nuzzling her snout against his chin. It felt good to reassure herself that sometimes people did come home.

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Flair Smoke-Athesila
Just a single post from Flair to acknowledge <3


Flair was taking a brief rest by the falls, watching over the pups as they played nearby. The smoke didn’t seem as bad today, though perhaps that was just wishful thinking – she still kept a keen watch for any signs of fire nearby, occasionally taking trips up to the lowlands at night, to get a clear view of the horizon.

She’d also been scouting for Jethro, having expected him to be back for some days now. She couldn’t help but worry that his delay meant he’d come across the actual fire; Or something worse… Hope and fear simultaneously gripped her, as she thought about Caspian and whether Jet had managed to find him. Then she heard the howl.

Head jolted up, lone ear perking stiff as a sigh of relief fell from her lips; He’s home! And with a promise of no immediate danger to the pack, Flair felt her whole body relaxing, releasing tensions that had built up over several weeks. A big part of her wanted to rush to greet her co-leader and hear his news, but, looking at the pups, she decided to wait – let Fin welcome her beau in private, as she was surely eager to do – the two leaders could catch up later. For now, the alphess simply tilted her own head to sing back her answer; Welcome home!

”Speech" Thoughts
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Ryder Lennox
Ryder had been reluctant to return, trailing far enough behind Jethro to be out of sight. When he neared the borders, he looked up to see his mother wrapped up in welcoming the wolf home. The sight made his stomach turn, and a scowl of disgust twisted his mouth briefly as he gave them a very wide berth.

He hoped they wouldn't notice him at all. Caspian's scent wasn't amongst those marking the Falls territory, and that was all he needed to know.

Ryder's only post unless physically stopped
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She was on her way back in from another night watch when, finally, she heard it. Their other leader was home. As tired as she was, Colette felt a very real weight lifted off of her to hear that there was no immediate danger to the pack. She was also grateful that their dark leader had made it back to them. For she even had begun to worry about him, in her own way.

There was a call from Flair, and shortly after that, Colette responded with her own. Glad you’re safe...

She didn’t need to go and see him. That level of greeting should probably be reserved for the likes of Finley and their daughter. Perhaps Flair, and anyone else that was closer to him.

Still though, the ghost afforded herself a very small smile as she settled into her resting place. Of all that’d gone wrong for them, she was glad the universe had allowed someone to come back.

—also Cole’s only post.
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Jethrᴏ Kane
He’d been missed, too. Hearing such a sentiment still felt just a tad foreign to Jet, but heartwarming all the same. That feeling faded upon Finley’s elaboration on the depths of the struggle the group had faced in his absence. Despite there being no fire nearby, the smoke had been enough to drive off their herds.

Which, the dark leader imagined, meant they’d been dipping into caches. And just before winter, that was in no way a good thing. The lack of answer regarding Caspian told him what he needed to know on that, as well. But at least no direct harm had come to anyone. That was good news.

”We’ll get through it. We always do,” he murmured softly. He was confident in that, though. This group had something special, and there wasn’t anyone else he’d rather face challenges with.

There was a call after that, a distant one, from Flair. Then another, from Cole, each of them welcoming him back. In between them, though, Jet caught out of the corner of one eye the flash of a light figure skirting he and Finley by a wide margin.

Another stab into his heart, the avoidance of Ryder continued to hurt. But he gestured faintly with an ear and the tip of his nose toward Finley’s son, in case she wished to greet him too. He could leave, and let the two of them have a deserved moment.

-possible exit for Jet if Finley decides to go see Ryder
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Paradise Falls I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
Chan was sleeping, fitfully, and was easily roused by the songs hanging in the air. He lifted his muzzle and gave his own welcome, tired but earnestly glad to have the younger wolf back with them. Relieved too, that nothing had been found, much less befallen him. He wasn't up for long after that though, watching the children a moment before settling his head back upon his outstretched limbs. It didn't take long for him to drift off once again.
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Paradise Falls III. Mentor
Finley Lennox
Finley Exit.

A chorus of welcome homes seem to ring out from all around them. Flair, Colette, and Chan’s voice each sung their songs before fading out into the hazy air and the Lennox woman was selfishly happy to have this moment to themselves. His words were reassuring and took a load off of her tense shoulders, Jethro was home now and he would figure out a way for them to survive this. And the subsequent winter. Maybe that wasn’t fair to put on him, but it was the burden of a leader to bear

She had opened her mouth to respond when the streak of light moved past them, practically radiating displeasure. Finley’s face fell dramatically. She had hoped that the pair of them traveling together might have solved some of the tension but that was clearly not the case. She looked back towards the large man with a question in her eyes only to see him gesture for her to go after her son.

With a sigh she murmured, ”You should go find Atara, she missed you.” They would meet up again later for a proper reunion, but for now she needed to see Ryder. Hurrying after her son the tawny wolf disappeared into the smoky foliage.