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Sing me a Lullaby — Heartleaf Creek 
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Sonnet is extremely sick & weak with snot clogging her nostrils.

Not too far ahead of the child Ghastly Woods finally gave way. She was almost free of the creepy place that had held her captive for a time, now maybe she could sleep better. Perhaps this would be where her family was waiting. Sonnet held tightly onto the idea that they weren't far from her. Still unable to smell, she couldn't deny the lie that she repeated in her mind. She walked tentatively, eyeing her surroundings. She didn't know what would be out there, nor if it was friend or foe. She stifled a cough to the best of her ability.

Coming to the edge of the treeline she peeped out, rain falling onto her dirty pelt. Not enough to wash it clean back to white but enough it brought her eyes skyward. She missed the sunshine, it was all she wanted, the rain and clouds only mocked her. She looked back down to the creek. She couldn't hear nor see anything, but her lack of ability to smell made her overly cautious. She started to make her way one tense step at a time. She was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted.

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**Sonnet hasn't spoken since losing her family.