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darkness comes creeping in — Kingsfall 
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Busy, always busy. That was how she tried to stay, as there never seemed to be a shortage of things to do. Especially with winter coming upon Paradise Falls once again. Colette had set out earlier in the morning to patrol, scout for any signs of trespassers, as well as to continue to keep an eye on the locations of prey groups.

She wandered the forest beyond the falls, skirting their territory in a wide sort of circle.

The ghost was beyond grateful that the prey seemed to have come back, as she’d hoped they would, once the fires had died down. In terms of caches, they were doing alright. Their numbers could be a bit better, but that was what it was.

All in all, though –

A sudden pain stopped the ghost dead in her tracks. It felt as if something inside of her chest had seized. Like someone was standing on her, preventing her from taking anything other than shallow, pained breaths. It was not the worst pain she’d ever experienced, but it was easily the most paralyzing.

A short gasp escaped her. Cole felt light-headed, her vision blurred, and the ghost slumped forward. Her body refused to cooperate. All she could do was lie there and hope it passed.

-aw. she's not dying, at least not yet