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Gone Fishin' — Coho Pool 
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Euna Valle
Euna, there seem to be quite a lot of fish swimming upstream nearby, this might be a chance to feast!

Euna departed the pack lands early that morning in hopes of stealing away on her own private adventure. She'd carried on downstream some ways, only stopping when she was met with an insignificant waterfall. The sight of fish visibly attempting to jump over it sparked her curiosity and drew her closer. She stayed off to the side to study the fish that were swimming against the current from below, gathering in the pool, and attempting to jump the small waterfall. She smirked, this was all hers and she didn't have to share with anyone! She licked her chops greedily and casually came to the edge. She snapped her jaws wildly at the trout that tried to jump past her and missed repeatedly.

Leaning just a little too far over, Euna's paw slipped, causing her to tumble into the water. Perhaps by mere luck she simultaneously landed a bite. As she plunged into the cold waters, she held tight to her prize. Her paws took deep strokes as she pulled herself from the depths to break away into the crisp fall air. She gasped and gurgled it in, still holding tight to her meal. A muffled laugh left the child, she'd caught the fish, taken a bath, and found alone time all in one stride. Instead of being sour about the cold dip she made her way to the shore with excitement.

Reaching the bank she made haste to her meal, consuming it like a ravenous loner on the brink of starvation. It was so good. This was her own private feast! This was her spot and her spot alone, and she would defend it. Triumphantly the child strode back to the top and this time as she caught another misguided fish, she maintained her position with a steady foothold.

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