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Penniless — Heartleaf Creek 
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Sage Hervok
Set for the 23rd, Sage musters up her courage to invite the pups to a fishing lesson.

some fairy tales are more than true

Despite losing her toe to the turtle incident, Sage had found herself by the water more and more. She was honing her fishing skills while remaining more aware of her surroundings. Normally she'd go on short trips to gather and study flowers and plants, but now? It was as if the water called her. It was beckoning her into its cold embrace to skim the waters for delicious fish. Her trip a while back with Jacy had lit a fire beneath her, inspiring her to improve and grow in capabilities. Not to mention meeting Orlander and learning about muscles. When she wasn't fishing, she was searching for those, if not marking the borders. Despite being someone who fell into the background of the pack she was eagerly pulling her weight on the sidelines. Sage didn't skip a beat with her effort. She wanted recognition. She wanted to belong for once in her life. That's why she had sought Viorel out not too long ago.

Sage stood at the water's edge, peering in, and watching the fish. The pups were getting bigger now and learning various skills themselves. They were turning from snotty plump balls of fur into gangly limbs with different personalities and ambitions. She hesitated to call upon them, but with a deep breath to soothe her nerves she lifted her muzzle skyward. Her call was an invitation, not a demand, if the children so chose to come and learn. She only hoped she wouldn't make a fool of herself, and that they would actually glean from her teachings.

"She speaks" She walks She thinks