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glory — Turtleback Lake 
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Paradise Falls XIV. Subordinate
Jethrᴏ Kane

The weather had grown colder, the first sprinkles of snow had started to fall. Soon, winter would be upon the land in full force. Everything would be made harder, but if there were any positives this year, it was that hopefully, snow would put an end to the fires. There was, of course, always concern to be had.

He’d opted to head out early this morning for some scouting, keeping an eye on caches, prey, and the territory. Eventually, however, his paws had carried him down to the lake. It hadn’t yet frozen over, though he could already see little ice dams starting to collect along the edges. Even now, with the sun up, it did little to warm the air.

This group was smaller but still strong. The children were growing every day and could help out soon. Jet believed they were more than capable of making it. What worried him more was those who were now departed. How would they fare through this cold season?

Jethro still worried for all those that’d been lost, and wished he could’ve had some way of knowing. But as he looked over the lake, and back towards the forest where home awaited, he couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride, too. He’d built a group, had a family, and helped to lead them through a number of different situations now - each one making them stronger.

Jet never wanted to let it get to his head. But damned if it didn’t feel good to let himself experience that sense of pride and accomplishment, too, considering where he’d come from.