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All eyes on me — Cedarwood Forest 
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Deirdre was taken aback at the abrasiveness of the girl, mouth dropping open in an 'o' shape as her brows raised incredulously. She had never been spoken to like that before! A tad flustered, she struggled for perhaps the first time in her life to actually think of what to say. By the time she thought of something the girl had turned tail and ran off.

She sputtered indignantly, tail lashing behind her angrily for a few moments before she finally yelled out at the top of her lungs at the retreating pale form. "You're very rude!" Her chest heaved with the effort of getting the words out, hopefully loud enough that the girl could still hear her.

Feeling a bit in a bad mood after that encounter she returned back to her foxhole, doing her best to shut out the cawing of the crows. Perhaps some sleep would make things better.