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borrowed time — Paradise Falls 
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It was an odd feeling, to think back over all of it now, nearly half a life later. Memories that’d haunted the ghost day and night suddenly felt distant - almost as if it’d all just been some kind of bad dream. And in spite of her impending doom, Colette felt as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. As if the tension that’d been here, between her and Chan - all of it admittedly her doing - was finally.. gone.

”No,” the ghost answered her inquiry softly, affording herself another moment to consider the implications therein, but she didn’t linger on it.

With what little time she had left, Colette hoped to spend most of it focusing on the pack and the others.

”How.. are you, anyway? And, the kids?” The ghost broached this subject tentatively, considering her distance from Chan and his little family thus far. Cole had scarcely seen, let alone interacted with his children aside from what was absolutely necessary. But maybe.. they could change that, too.
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The kids. Another sparkle of surprise passed through his eyes, and a part of him wanted to invite her to come visit with them. Ever careful to not push too much too quickly, he refrained. His tail wagged though, as he went on to tell her about them.

"I'm, okay. Thanks to them."

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