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Tyra Allyn
-almost night. Clear and cold -2F/-19C

She didn’t like being alone, and so very far away from her home. Especially not as the weather grew colder. The loner wished more than anything that she could go back, but that decision had already been made for her by another. Tyra still resented him for it.

Green eyes remained open, peering out into the forest that surrounded her from her little hiding place, even as the light quickly faded.

One thing was becoming clearer. The loner had long ago thought she would like to find a place to stay for the winter, now that was becoming a need rather than just a desire. She needed something better than the hollowed-out base of an old tree. While it provided shelter and warmth that insulated her against the worst of the cold for now, it couldn’t provide food or companionship.

She would have to locate a pack or group to belong to, if even only temporarily.