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The snow is falling like I am for you — Secret Falls 
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Luca Denahi

Luca's eyes brightened, his tail picking up a steady wag. He was pleasantly shocked by her words and delighted he accepted, "I'd be honored." He spoke with a charming smile forming on his facial features. Hope returned to the male who'd been struggling to find purpose in his life. Even if it was just to help her find the friend she'd mentioned prior, accompanying her was a welcomed trip.

The male hadn't expected her to extend the offer to travel together after they'd found her friend. His smile only grew, tail wagging harder, "I'd like the company too and I don't mind checking in on your friend and helping him get somewhere safe. He's lucky to have someone who cares about him so much." He admired her personality at that moment, looking deeper into Enera for more than the beautiful woman he'd laid with that prior season. She'd always been more than her looks to him, but this served as a reminder of how gentle she had come across their first meeting. Partly why he'd given a nickname to her in the first place.

Her shyness made the butterflies in his belly swirl once more, the man nodding softly. "This way then, Snowdrop." As he spoke he nuzzled her face, setting off towards the waterfall. "I think there might be a cave."


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Enera Rayvne
had a dream so big and loud


To her great delight Luca accepted her invitation with a smile and wagging tail. A little bit of nervousness she hadn't realized she'd had released its coil in her stomach. She brushed against his side in appreciation, ducking her head in bashful embarrassment as he spoke of her friend. "Yes, well, Leo is sort of family? My step-brother's cousin, and my mama would be upset with me if I didn't at least check to make sure he gets home safely." Armand hadn't gone with them up the mountain when the Chasm disbanded; did he remember how to find the Cove's territory, even?

And then Luca used the nickname he'd made for her nearly a year ago and her face warmed. It almost rang of Little Dove and made her heart ache in a good way. It was easier to think of her mama these days. "Lead on," she said.

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Luca Denahi

Her touch was welcomed affection, the female brushing against him momentarily before speaking more. Per usual he listened to every word, content to just hear her voice. A voice he'd all but forgotten until the familiarity of it called out his name. His smile remained ever present on his face, "Then we best be on it come morning." His words were well-meaning, but he selfishly suggested morning. For the night he could share her company all alone. They could continue to catch up, and he could tell her about little Pan and how smart the kid was. Maybe she'd like that? He wouldn't know until he shared the stories, but he did know that he liked the idea of telling her. He was just so proud of the pup.

Luca nodded and headed off towards the frozen falls.

When the pair reached the destination he spoke a gentle, but firm, "Wait here a moment" before searching for the cave's mouth. It wasn't hard to find, and he went in first to make sure it was safe. Satisfied that nothing else had been staying in the den recently enough to be of concern he chuffed out to her. Beckoning the woman in with his voice while his legs bent down toward the ground. He settled into a comfortable position, gesturing his muzzle to invite Enera in for a cuddle as she entered.