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the oracle was wrong — Secluded Spring 
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Magg Slayer
Clearly he thought it a good idea too, helping Magg relax all the more. They had a feasible plan, they had food, they had each other. It was so much more than she'd had just moments prior, and had come just as she'd started truly losing hope. She watched him move, a beacon of action and possibility, and for a moment she was bolstered too, wishing to shine just as bright as Galen always managed to. Her leg gave when she attempted to stand, leaving her leaning heavily against him again.

Pain caused her eyes to pinch shut, but after it ebbed she heard her name and looked to meet his gaze again.

'I promise I will find who did this to you and make them pay.'

Her mouth formed a thin line, determination lighting up in her own eyes, matching the flames within his. Inside her skull, distant, younger voices played.

'We gotta make a pact, okay?'

"I wanna be with you when you do."

The words were hushed, but certain all the same. She wanted, needed to be there, to experience vengeance for this trespass first hand.
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There was a certain warmth that began to seep into the air immediately surrounding the two wolves as they exchanged their words, perhaps a side effect of the anger and raw desire for revenge that coursed heavily through them both in regards to the looming threat that both agreed needed to be eradicated. Magg's words were hushed, but never fell short of the same level of certainty Galen's had before the boy tensed to bare the weight of her body while she heaved to stand. Much in the ways they had done most things in their childhood, this too was something they would do, could only do, together.

"There's nobody else I'd rather have my back." A small nudge from the tip of his snout was graced to her cheek closest to him. "You're the toughest one I know and I pity the fool that signed their own death wish by trying to take you on." While his statement was spoken truthfully with a wry grin, there was an underlining meaning tucked neatly inside. Galen hoped that it would lighten the mood to a degree, further easing the turmoil he could only imagine Magg was feeling at the moment.
Played by Cade who has 162 posts.
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Magg Slayer
"Heh," she couldn't help but feel her smile grow into a grin, eyes casting down at the snow at their paws. She didn't feel very tough right now. That would change though, wouldn't it? Once they were at the Falls, she would be able to heal and go back to being a capable guardian... right?

She hurt so badly, and her stomach still cramped with hunger.

"Toward the tree line, there's a den I've been using... we can eat and warm up first..."

Maybe she could even sleep soundly for the first time since leaving home... Relying on Galen fully, as though he'd never been gone at all.
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