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find molasses candy — Paradise Falls 
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Magg Eastfall-Slayer
@Jethro, join thread for both Magg and @Galen.

Magg stared into the redwood forest, different without the haze of smoke all throughout. Too many things had changed since she'd last stood at this pack's border, both just months ago and forever ago, or so it felt. Her leg ached deeply, a constant pain that was slowly growing more and more unbearable, but not yet completely incapacitating her. Only because of Galen. Would she be dead now, instead of here, if he hadn't come across her? Brown eyes looked to her right where he stood, solid and dependable like he'd never been gone in the first place.

Then she took a breath, and tilted back her head, sending out a call for leadership. There was little doubt in her mind that the help they needed would be available. The wolves here were friends and family both, safety found at last. So why was her stomach squirming so much, then? Nervousness, a prickling sense of wrong. Maybe it was just a part of being so injured, bruises healing but hind leg still held outward at an awkward angle and unbending when used. They'd had a shaman here, right?
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Galen Vuesain
Snowy mountains slowly began to shift into a landscape that harbored more redwoods and coverage for the traveling duo. Their trek here had been slow going with many pauses to allow his wounded companion the chance to rest when she needed, alas Galen understood the necessity behind their sluggish pace. There wasn't a doubt in the young boy's mind that Magg probably wanted to arrive here sooner than they did, but that couldn't be helped. They needed help, needed food, shelter and warmth from the bitter cold outside what little heat their closely pressed bodies could offer one another. Hopefully they could find such resources in this foreign terrain for the swarthy boy. Unlike herself, Galen never had the honor of traveling to meet those that called this place home.

Firmly planted in place at her side now, the young Vuesain shifted his gaze from that beyond the invisible line at their paws to the tawny girl at his side, offered a soft smile in silent support and his sturdy weight as a crutch should Magg need it when standing became too much to bare which it often did. Dark ears flicked forward as her call for leadership rang crisply on the air, golden gaze once more shifting from Magg to that of the horizon in earnest for signs their presence had been acknowledged. Uncertainty coursed through Galen's veins, but he feared not to show it on his face. Hopefully they'd find what they needed here and not be turned away.
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Jethrᴏ Kane
Another call. It seemed like he’d only just finished up with Ally, and now he was turning back towards the borders again with scarcely a chance to just breathe and process things. There was a note of familiarity to it that Jet couldn’t quite place this time, though. He hadn’t anticipated this day being so full of surprises, but that was the nature of things sometimes.

A faint breeze carried two scents, one of them somewhat recognizable. Magg, the Cove child he’d met a few months back. He’d chuff out an initial greeting as he pressed through the last little bit of frozen foliage separating himself from the two others, green eyes studying the two.

Jethro didn’t specifically recognize the young man Magg was with, but what was wrong became clear very quickly. One of her legs was badly damaged. Bent in a way it shouldn't have been.

He didn’t wait a moment to tip his head back and call for Chan to be ready - his knowledge and presence alike would be helpful here. Quickly after doing that Jet moved to align himself with the younger wolf, offering additional support. ”Come, both of you. We’ll find a place for you to rest, and get you looked at, Magg.”

He didn’t know why they were here, or what’d happened, but there was time for that later. As with Ally though, there was no way in hell he’d turn away someone in need. Especially not the child of a friend.
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Magg Eastfall-Slayer
It was again Jethro's dark form that emerged from the trees, rather than her uncle's mate (or whatever Flair was). Both were, in all honesty, equally familiar to her. She could see it in his green eyes as he realized before words were even exchanged what the cause of this second visit was. Her ears swept back with relief as he immediately invited them in without question.

"Thank you," she murmured, more than ready to finally again rest amongst the security and warmth of a pack. Magg would move stiffly but determinedly toward where she remembered the den site to be with Jethro and Galen as her crutches when absolutely needed.

"I was attacked by another wolf. I have to-," a wince of pain, "my parents need to know as soon as possible."

If they were looking for her and he hurt either of them, too... the thought sent to flight razor-winged butterflies in her chest, their panic cutting.
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Galen Vuesain
The sound of a low chuff from an unknown source caught Galen's attention first, dark ears pricking forward more so to better hone in on the direction the sound had come from before the rustling of frozen foliage captured his attention next. Their call had been answered and no later than the swarthy boy heard the shuffling of foliage did a large dark shadow emerge from within.

Unlike himself; which was to be expected, recognition came swiftly once those green eyes settled on the tawny frame of his companion and the severity of their situation just as swiftly dawning upon the older gentleman. There was no hesitation in the call that was tossed up summoning what Galen assumed to be a medically knowledgeable member from within the territory before he too moved to offer support in the form of a crutch on Magg's open side, relief immediately washing over the dark boy hearing the man usher them in. "Thank you."

Magg would finally get the help she needed, but most importantly she would be safe.

Galen matched his friend's determined, albeit painful pace while offering his side when need be, fighting the rising of his guard hairs and the rage that swirled like a swarm of angry bees in his chest as Magg relayed the incident that ultimately led to them arriving on their doorstep. His anger would do them no good right now, but Galen made an oath to himself that he would see to it whomever had hurt his best friend would pay ten fold for what they did.

For now, though, he needed to focus on her recover and eventually the journey back home.

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