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The young and beyond reckless — Kingsfall 
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Sanguine Cove VIII. Subordinate
Galen Vuesain
Random Event: You've come across a starving, frost-bitten animal that is roughly deer-shaped, but smells completely different and is striped white-and-black. A zebra has escaped its zoo and wandered deep into the wilderness.

Since their arrival Galen hadn't dared to venture more than a few feet at most from the infirmary where @Magg had been den bound while she recovered, often times found stationed just outside the mouth like a looming shadow of a guardian. A few days had come to pass now, and the young man couldn't help the curiosity that began to gnaw at him. For now they were safe, she was safe, and a little exploring would do his muscles and mind some good.

If they were going to find and handle this nameless enemy a plan was needed.

Thus Galen trudged slowly through the frozen foliage that lay on the outskirts of the Fall's territory to begin conjuring some sort of makeshift plan for when they set out, a quick toss of golden eyes over a swarthy shoulder every so often ensuring he'd easily keep track of the way back. Oh how Magg would surely kill him this time if he managed to get lost. Again.

Minutes passed and he pressed onward just a little deeper into the frozen trees, pausing mid step when the sound of something crashing up ahead filled his ears. Immediately it could be deciphered the sound was definitely not wolf like, but curiosity had Galen moving forward to investigate nonetheless. A final push through some more vegetation had the young wolf stumbling across the most peculiar of creatures splayed across the ground in a heap of exhaustion. Starved and frightened. Frost-bite already beginning to set in.

What was...this?

Galen couldn't wrap his mind around what he was looking at. It looked like a deer in shape, but it smelled different entirely with its black and white coloration that fell in alternating stripes all across its body. His stomach gave a rumble.

It sure looked edible, though.