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Pack of the Month Revamp
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Revamped Pack of the Month

I am sure most of you have noticed that PoTM is hardly ever updated (sorry everyone!) So staff have decided to revamp the way that pack of the month is decided. Rather than staff manually going through every thread for the month and deciding what is eligible and what is not, we will now be asking leaders submit their finished threads for points. Points in turn can be "spent" on some fun prizes and some other fun surprises along the way. Since today is January 20th, we will not be totaled until March 1st, so any threads that are finished in January or February will be eligible to claim for the March 1st tally.

How does it work

Using THIS THREAD leaders can submit pack threads when they are finished for points. Pack thread eligibility remains the same, threads must be labelled "pack" and have 3 or more pack members in them. These can include Pack REs, hunts, meetings, puppy lessons, pack hangouts, really anything that is open to the entire pack and has at least 3 pack members in it. Threads can take place in pack territory or adjacent areas. Threads must have at least 10 posts in them, be completed, and archived in order to be submitted.

Remember that even if a thread does not start out as PACK, the tag can always be updated by clicking 'Full Edit' on the first post of the thread if it turns into a pack event!

Now, for scoring, how many points are threads worth? Good question! For every member that participates in the majority of the rounds in the thread you will earn 1 point. For example if you have 3 members participate in most rounds and 2 members who only post once, you would earn 3 points for that thread.

At the end of the month staff will tally points and announce the PoTM on the first! The PoTM will earn 1 point for every active member at that time. Points do not expire and will remain in your pack "bank" until spent.

There will be some prizes that are available to purchase at anytime such as:
  • Special Pack REs
  • Starter hunt prompts from SoW
  • Art and other snazzy goodies created by Cade
  • Pack skins - two tiered, some for pack use and some featured on the site main page

And on occasion there will be special limited time prizes such as:
  • Bigger involvement and planning privileges' in future BWPs
  • +1 to the leaders breeding rolls
  • And more surprises to come!