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Valentine's Shenanigans
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Valentine's Shenanigans

Happy early Valentine's! The staff were feeling all filled with ooey gooey feelings and have been buried away preparing for a few contests and events to celebrate a month of love. We will be running blind dates, a most eligible bachelor/ette event, and an advertising contest as well as offering some rewards for particular threads!

This is also a reminder that while February is the month of the valentine, March is the real season of love here in RoW and you may want to start thinking of your plans for breeding season, which will begin March 1st! More details on this will follow later in the month.

Blind Dates

Sign-ups End: February 13th — LINK

This will be our third year running Valentine's 'Blind Dates'! Sign-ups and complete information can be found HERE. Register by end-of-day February 13th (EST), as the 'date' pairings will be announced on the 14th. All characters are eligible, as the threads do not need to be romantic in nature. Participants who complete their Blind Dates will be rewarded with Random Event LP!

RoW's Most Eligible


New this year is in response to your Discord wishes! It is time to officially see which characters are considered RoW's Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette. Click HERE for complete details and to participate. Give us your nominations by end-of-day February 20th, and keep an eye out for the Voting Period to help us decide the answer to this crucial question. Winners will be awarded bragging rights, flair and a commemorative avatar set!

Newcomer + Themed Bonuses

Ending: March 31st

For the month of February, we are offering avatar sets to those who meet particular criteria in order to help celebrate Valentine's and to compliment our Advertising Contest. To claim either of these bonuses, post to the Maintenance thread with the information requested below.

Newcomer Bonus

All new players who successfully make their first Life Point claim will have an avatar set made for their character! This includes returning members who have been completely absent for longer than 6 months. To claim, simply post to the Maintenance thread stating that you have made your first LP claim and would like to redeem your Newcomer Bonus.

Themed Bonus

Any players who complete & archive a romantically-themed, private thread will have an avatar set made featuring the involved characters. The characters do not have to be in an explicit relationship, but the thread should clearly resemble a date or other non-platonic activity and not involve excess characters. To claim, post to the Maintenance thread with a link to the finished thread. Only one avatar set per unique couple will be made.

Advertising Contest

Ending: March 26th — LINK

Finally, we are also running another advertising contest to try and attract some new members; it's the perfect time as we head into the always-dramatic spring season. The contest will run February 1st through March 26th and all details can be found HERE. There are multiple prizes up for grabs including a guaranteed loner litter, so make sure to check it out!


Hello everyone! A few reminders and updates regarding our Valentine's activities:

  • Blind Date pairings have been announced! Don't forget to start threads before the end of the month.
  • RoW's Most Eligible Contest's nomination period has been extended to the 20th!
  • The Newcomer & Themed Bonuses are now available until March 31st, so that they can continue with our Ad contest and the breeding season!
  • The Advertising Contest is still ongoing, with FIVE prizes available, including a guaranteed loner litter! This is your only chance to ensure a viable litter if the mother is not in a pack!


Voting for RoW's Most Eligible winners is now live! Remember that winners will receive flair commemorating their victory.