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Towser Lyall
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.... ooc name: Greyer
.... current characters: Oleander + Anatole
.... how you found us: Internet search
.... your character's initial fight stats: POWER HOUSE
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Oleander from "wishing on a star that's just a satellite"

"Sage," she smiled. Pretty. Perhaps after the prairie sage he had seen in the northern wilderness. "I live there."


Oleander's eyes went wide and he lifted his gaze to look at her once more. His head tilted to one side as it had only moments ago. He wondered how she had slipped by him... then again, he remembered his penchant for solitude. "Ah," he mused. "Nice to meet you."

It was then that he noticed how her eyes went to the scenery behind him - oh, right, he was supposed to bring something home. Mussels. For Mama.

"Do you, um," his tongue seemed to betray him as he stumbled over his own words, "you familiar with the Creek?" He quirked a brow and repositioned himself so that his body was parallel with the waterway. "Used to play here as a spawn." The memory made his wand wag and a small grin appeared on his maw. The muscles in his face felt weird. It had been a long time since he had cracked a smile.

The curve in his body and the lift in his waving wand invited her closer before he returned to the water. His gaze went back down to the shallow pool at his feet, "The mussels are easy eats this time of year."

and finally a bit about your character...
Y'know how it is with me... if it ain't an Archer or a founding family, it's a Lyall. Borden's great-grandson comes to Relic Lore looking for fun and ready to stir up some March Madness~