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Sanguine Cove
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Name: Kokonoe
Time: Just shy of 4 weeks
Prompt: The mountains still have a thick trail of smoke in them, and the plants further from the shoreline seem to be drooping or dying. A pack's borders still remain heavily marked at the edge of the lake and you can still hear the water gently lapping. You howl to announce your presence, and perhaps present a gift to show your seriousness in the pack. An ebony wolf greets you with a warm smile. "You called? How can I help you?" It is up to you to make your case now.

There was a harsh reality that began to form cracks along the lenses of Koko's rose tinted world the longer she chose to dwell alone in the harshness of winter. Day by day those cracks grew larger and spread out wider like spiderwebs until they threatened to shatter her little world entirely. The sparkling snow had been mesmerizing at first, but like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde there was another side lurking underneath ready to reveal its chilling, merciless truths.

If she was to stand a chance at surviving and seeing the warmth of spring another year she would need to seek shelter, seek sanctuary. Rusty chocolate fur once full of life was now dulled like mud and showed signs of its owner's inability to keep up with it, barely concealing her rib cage like a gaunt curtain until Koko dared to take a deep enough breath. Alas, that was what she now did as she found herself where the air felt thinner and the heavy scent of pack marked the mountainous terrain which nearly stole her life on the agonizing trek up. How Koko managed such a feat she couldn't recall, but now she waited after howling her arrival. Praying as a swarthy silhouette appeared that she had been saved and not greeted by the harbinger of death himself.

Her frail condition meant she hadn't much to offer at the moment other than her spoken truth and hopefully a chance to prove herself. "Please, sir. I require sanctuary from winter's harshness. In return I pledge my loyalty and my skills as long as you shall need."
The young woman called and Nash answered. She stated her business. A lot of that right now, he thought, but it was to be expected. He smiled warmly and stepped forward to brush his pelt along hers. "Welcome to Sanguine Cove," he said. "Come in; let's get you some food and I'll show you to the den so you can get some rest. I'm sure you're tired from your climb." he turned to lead her into her new home.