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Paradise Falls
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Character Name: Toklo

How long your character has been in Relic Lore: About 1 month

Post prompt response:

Amidst the towering and majestic Kingsfall forests is almost anything needed for survival. The forest is rich in resources, so it is not a great surprise when you come across the scent of a pack's borders marking out a piece of this land for themselves. It seems the group has taken refuge near a stream, and though trees and foliage obscure the immediate view, is that a waterfall you hear in the distance? Intrigued, or perhaps in need, you call. And before long you are greeted by a tawny woman who is polite, but wary of your presence, she asks for the reason of your call, how do you win her over?

My Response:

It was time to make a name for himself.

It had been at least a month since Toklo had left his family pack "The Nightshades". As per pack tradition, it was the eldest child's duty to split from their own pack to gain infamy and renown across the lands. The only problem was that Toklo didn't feel ready nor did he want that kind of responsibility laid on him. Nonetheless, he did feel that he wanted to make his pack proud of him. So he headed out, not knowing where he was going, and hoped to stumble across another pack who was willing to accept him.

Toklo didn't expect that it would take him over a month of searching to find another pack. He came across fewer known caches with every passing day. And more recently, he was not only lost, but also starting to starve from the lack of food due to it being the winter season. Thankfully he was able to find a spare rabbit or squirrel here or there.

Eventually he stumbled upon a pack scent. The scent of damp water and pine needles brought him to attention. Thinking that the pack leader will want something in return for safe passage, he tried to hunt down the largest game that he could find. Carrying a healthy and fatty rabbit in his mouth, Toklo followed the pack's scent till it headed to a beautiful waterfall. Confused and with nothing to left to lose, he decided to just yell out in the open. "Hello? If there's anybody out there, I have brought a gift for the leader! I promise that if you provide me food and shelter, I will provide the best meals you have ever seen!". He waited patiently for a response.

Finley had not been far from the borders when the loner had called out. His intentions were clear, and the pack could always use more capable paws to assist in a hunt and so she turned to make quick work of arriving to the area the stranger stood. Looking him over, noticing how thin he appeared out here in the cold she offered a polite smile, "Paradise Falls welcomes you, as long as you do good to keep your promise of pulling your weight and filling the caches when you can. Then she turned to allow the loner to enter and gave him the brief tour.