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.... ooc name: WildFlower
.... current characters: Tulip, Sonnet, Sage, Euna, Creed, Sonnet
.... how you found us: Previous player
.... your character's initial fight stats: N/A
....a role play sample (200+ words): The pale winter sky above was broken up by clouds. A bitter wind parted the thick strands of his grey pelt. Luca trudged forward with his head pointed down, ears flattened. The snow crunched underneath his shadow pads, spreading his toes apart as he walked. Pieces caked to the cloak on his webbing in an uncomfortable fashion. The ghoul grumbled under his breath, pausing his stride to nibble at the nuisance. After a moment of standing there just grooming himself, he gazed out to the distant horizon. The tundra seemed to stretch on and on without an end in sight. It was familiar to him, in likeness to a frequent migration route his coven followed every year.

He could almost smell the musk of the caribou herds and hear the deep commanding voice of his father leading them on the battle. Luca's mouth watered with the memory of the savory taste of a fresh kill. He licked his lips, black nostrils flaring as he scented the air. The stale scent of a bull bison graced him, it smelled that of an older individual, and interestingly enough alone. He found himself unsure on tracking it, the trail was at least a day if not two old. Knowing he had mouths to feed the young ghoul decided to follow it, disregarding the concept of looking for a fresher scent.

and finally a bit about your character... caught by the activity check, oops