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Iris Dayheart
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.... ooc name: Hex
.... current characters: Specter
.... how you found us: been here
.... your character's initial fight stats: SHARPSHOOTER,
....a role play sample (200+ words):

It had taken longer than she had wanted to find the scent that had pulled her away from her brother. The source a fish that had been discarded on a rock, leaving it half cooked in the sun and half frost bit from the snow. Honestly it wasn't worth the trouble of finding and if she had known she would have just stayed with Creed. Now it was weeks later and she was following his tracks, or at least she hoped she was. The snow had cleaned his trail and the wind had scattered his scent far and wide. It was only the fact that she knew he was headed for the mountain that loomed in the distance that kept her focused.

It also kept the gnawing unease at bay.

That unknown uncertainty that filled her bones and twisted her insides had been there since the separation from their parents. It was one thing to leave with plans to return and another to be left stranded by a thread not knowing what was happening on the other end of that fragile connection. With so much that could go wrong it left her feeling brittle and sharp edged. Yet Iris could only place one dark paw in front of the other and continue forward on the path that was in front of her.

and finally a bit about your character.... Iris is trying to find her family again...