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.... ooc name: Pinn
.... current characters: None
.... how you found us: Fate, probably
.... your character's initial fight stats: Should be set, but she will need a -1 in strength for ghost and her adult HP!
....a role play sample (200+ words):
Her eyes brightened as they landed on the silvery pup and Hazel picked up the pace, waddling on stubby legs toward Marguerite. "Marg!" She squealed, excited to finally have someone to play with, but then Eros' voice touched her ears, and just as she turned to look at him, the cub felt something crash against her back and her tiny limbs gave out, as her stomach collided with the soil below.

A terrified squeak erupted from Hazel's throat as she rolled away and scrambled to her paws, looking desperately for whatever just attacked her. Where she expected to see something as scary as a bear, or a mountain lion, or.. like a really big, scary bird, or even a monster squirrel with super big teeth, she found.. nothing?  Wait.. there was something.. something small, and brown, and very much not alive at all. What the heck?

and finally a bit about your character...  The sole daughter of Azra and Sita is finally coming home.