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proud of where i came from — Paradise Falls 
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Paradise Falls III. Mentor
Finley Lennox

Finley had asked Addison if she saw their target, but it turned out that there was not enough time to wait for an answer. At least she had managed to catch sight of Towser sinking into his hiding place before the other crew launched out on their chase. Letting out a hard exhale at the realization that they were a second behind, she looked towards the cub at her side and then broke through the foliage herself. She could only hope that the fiery girl was keeping up, because the deer had already begun to flee and they had some ground to cover.

Thankfully, because of the injury, their target had not been able to move as quickly as the rest of the herd and had already fallen behind. That at least saved them the work of having to separate it from all of the others. Racing beside the prey, the mother waited until she was parallel to the creature before turning sharply and snapping her jaws towards its front legs.

She didn’t connect, but she had not meant to, instead she was attempting to make the deer turn almost 90 degrees so it would head down towards where Towser was waiting. If it didn’t work then this would all be for not, they were almost past the point where this was a viable option. As if on cue, the deer turned, but almost immediately afterwards it kicked out its hind hooves, grazing Finley’s chin when she wasn’t able to duck in time. Nothing more than a scrape it wasn’t serious, but it still smarted, causing green eyes to narrow. Snapping her jaws once more, she drove it down towards Towser.