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the approaching curve — Paradise Falls 
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Chan Eastfall
Chan refused to show the relief he felt as the escalation ceased. For all his outrage, he did not want this to come to blows. As he'd said, ideally, Adelard was a problem that would just vanish. Of course, reality was not so simple and certainly never skewed itself so in the Eastfall's favor. Still, the other man had done himself a favor here. He had wedged open the door to reasonable doubt, and that went far with Chan. Uncertainty stayed his proverbial hand far more often than he liked, especially given the duality of all animals. Just as much as each had the capacity to cause great harm, they had the same to do immense good. He did. Colette had. So too, then, did Adelard.

If it really meant so much to him, the newcomer was being given his chance. Of course, that would still exist within the guidelines Chan had set. If he truly had no ill intentions, they would not be difficult to adhere to. If trust was established, the pack's Second would relent.

He thought maybe the rogue Gerau patriarch would lapse back into silence completely, but he didn't. Instead, an entirely new angle was taken. Chan's eyes flashed, everything inside of him braced for it to have been meant as a threat. That edge did not exist within the other's demeanor though, no matter how thoroughly Chan searched it. Alongside clear tentativeness, there was instead a hint of... hope, was it? Perhaps not... all he could truly place was that it felt far more benign than expected.

His head tilted slightly, a genuine question in his own mismatched gaze. Was that what Adelard needed? Was that the missing piece of the explanation for his behavior? What had happened for him not to be able to find that with his own family? Chan kept those queries to himself, for now. If his suspicions regarding the situation with Isla were right, the Gerau deserved the struggle of dealing with whatever his issues were on his own.

Chan gave his coat a shake, jagged edges smoothing into the flat angles of a quiet authority. Placated, for now. He certainly felt better than he had at the start of this, his concerns properly vented unto the cause of them and the boundaries for going forward set.

"... I hope you're who you say you are."

The statement was earnest.

"You've got a lot to gain by proving me wrong."
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Adelard Gerau
"... I hope you're who you say you are."

Adelard said nothing, did nothing. Had he not been already involved, he might have taken the opportunity to go the whole nine yards... to, say, wiggle his eyebrows at his agemate superior. In all seriousness, though, he dropped the edge of flirtation and dalliance in his stance. Formality won out.

He knew his lie could come out into the open within the coming months. That is if Fate thought herself to be Karma's cohort. He bit his tongue. Time would only tell, but he intended to render himself as Isla's protector. For him, the position was only natural and it was a life he knew he could abide by.

"Well," his brows rose as the whole of his body relaxed. "I will admit that a lot of things have happened since Fools' Gold Chasm." The words felt heavy on his tongue. Before he could say anything else, he turned away. Unmistakable submissiveness. In all fairness, he did not remember Chan back then when he had come on diplomatic terms. Everything about leading Huddy's pack was a blur. The only thing that stood out was his time with Woya, but even then grief had stolen happy memories with her, too. "But, I know my place. You won't have to remind me of that." As long as I know that Isla is safe.
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Paradise Falls I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
Chan watched him, believing he understood the emotion he thought he heard in Adelard's voice. It had been a long time. Many things had happened to all of them, unfortunately. He'd spent a long time wishing it wouldn't be true, but over and over again life proved that there was no escaping perpetual losses until becoming one yourself. Ultimately, there was even more empathy for the sentiment, but it was also easier to push aside, because of all that had been taken from him as well since those 'olden' days.

What he responded to were those final two claims. He would nod, and that was all. They could make no further ground until his actions proved his words, and that would take time. As such, Chan saw the conversation as ended. With nothing more to say for this interaction, he would simply move past Adelard and take his leave.
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