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sorry I spaced last night and didn't get a post up for him in time to beat AC :(

.... ooc name: molo
.... current characters: Jethro, Jadon
.... how you found us: advert
.... your character's initial fight stats: set
....a role play sample (200+ words): Keen as he was to spot movement, Jethro spotted an approaching figure before they were able to get too close. Unlike in the past, however, he did not move to retreat or avoid their approach. Recent months had taught him that not all others were bad. Some wolves could be trusted, and others were.. dare he think it, likeable.

What he hadn’t been expecting though, was for his very first wolf here to be one of the last ones he had seen before he’d left this valley. And she almost seemed to be altering her path to veer towards him.

Jet pushed himself up into a seated position, one corner of his mouth pulling back in a wry grin as she cracked an unexpected joke. Eyes alight with humor and an odd fondness for the other, he gave his head a little shake. ”Nah, not this time. Sorry to deprive ya of the joy of saving me again,” he returned amicably.

”What’d do ya think, though? Am I uglier with or without the mud?” He recalled quarreling over that too. While his humor was still largely intact, the serious edge behind it had diminished substantially since he’d last seen Timber. Jet no longer saw himself the way he had then. Sure.. there were still days where he wished he were a little bigger or stronger, but he’d also learned to accept himself for who he was.
and finally a bit about your character... back for more