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Vasco Halex
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Role play sample:
Platon still hadn’t returned, making the day a bittersweet one to the wolves of Drowned River Estuary; all except Vasco, though he would never admit it out loud. The Halex’s time on the coast had been a tumultuous one – after leaving home, no more than a yearling full of romantic notions, he’d wandered along the mountains for a few months before heading out towards the sea. It wasn’t long after that, that he had met Sita. He took a moment to savor the memory, stopping on his otherwise determined course through the pack lands. He’d been so young then, though it was not even two years ago, but it felt like a lifetime. Of course, he had loved her from that first moment, how could he not? She had become his light, and he had followed her home happily. Though, of course, been somewhat less happy to learn that she was already promised to another.

Vasco shook his head, clearing the grim thought from his head, but a sour taste was left in his mouth as he quickly trotted on. His love had been devoted, whether through emotion or loyalty to her pack, it mattered little. The grey man had been pushed aside, left to admire her from the shadows, and admire her he had! With increasing desperation, until that time of year came, and the marriage was to be consummated. I ghost pang of the agony he had felt shot through the ghostly wolf’s chest now, throat tightening. He had to physically shake it off. But, in that deepest darkness, a light had appeared! Fool of fools, Platon had decided to go on a scouting mission, alone! Vasco had thanked his lucky stars for this opportunity, certain that he would have his chance at happiness if Platon did not return. So, all he had to do was make sure he never did. Once that was done, he had made his move on Sita.

To Vasco’s despair, things hadn’t worked out exactly as he’d wished though. Right now, the pack was indeed gathering to welcome Sita’s first litter, and the pale male was feeling all the jitters a new father should – except he wasn’t the father, at least as far as everyone else knew. His hearts desire had chosen to remain true to her husband, no matter his continued absence. She had not acknowledged her paramour in public, insisting that the pups were Platon’s spawn. And so, Vasco had to sit back and watch, an outsider among the Valle family, as the three most beautiful creatures he had ever seen appeared before them. Two boys – dark as their father – they cooed, and a girl, a gorgeous, lively little girl with grey and tawny fur. She must take after her mother, was the verdict, and Vasco nodded, loyal to his only love until the end.

But in his head, he counted up the thoughts that he would never put to words: That Platon had left too early to have fathered the cubs; That he loved their mother desperately, and had loved her thoroughly; and that his own mother had had a fur black as night.

A bit about the character:
Grumpy old man about to get his comeuppance