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.... ooc name: Van
.... current characters: Mika
.... how you found us: You found me.
.... your character's initial fight stats: already set
....a role play sample (200+ words):

The mountain was massive and Mika had developed an urge to explore as much of it as they could, in spite of the fact their paws were sore and their muscles ached. It was beautiful, they had to admit. They liked looking over the cliffs to observe the ground far below, feeling on top of the world. Feeling not-so-small.

It was northbound that they had traveled this day - far north. They were tired, but not enough to stop just yet, and the sound of a babbling brook was promising. Trotting now, more confident in their stride, Mika approached the water source with every intention to soak their paws and drink their fill.

They hadn’t expected someone to be there already, and for a moment, they paused, unsure of what to do. Other wolves were still filed under suspicious in Mika’s mind, in spite of meeting Adora and the kid. They weren’t too keen on befriending everyone they met.

But they were here now, and there wasn’t any point in pretending they didn’t see the other wolf. Mika cleared their throat and smiled a little, tail swaying easily as they approached the water. They were still behind the darker wolf, and they didn’t wanna surprise him.

“Hi there,” they greeted, so they weren’t sneaking up on him. “Room for one more?”

and finally a bit about your character... just a lil healer finding his way back