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honey, there is no right way — Paradise Falls 
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Hazelnut Donata-Valle

Hazelnut was pretty sure that she'd been lied to about what pregnancy entailed. It was not some beautiful, amazing experience. She was not positively glowing. In reality, she'd spent almost the entire time since her scent had changed in a state of stress. There were too many things to worry about. How were they going to feed them? What if something happened? What if they got into something while she was sleeping? What would she even name them? They would look at her with their little eyes, and their little minds, and think that Hazelnut knew everything, that she had all the answers, and that was a terrifying thought because she didn't have the answers and she was absolutely, 1,000 percent, not ready to be a mother.

The mother-to-be made her way to the waterfall, hoping that if nothing else, the noise might quiet her mind. There she sat, her tail tucked up against her side, and tried really, really hard to think about anything else.

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Adrestia Revlis

Adrestia was walking around the territory. She wanted to commit it to memory and she would probably go over it again once spring came so she could remember where things were. She liked to keep herself busy, it was hard for her to be without a job to focus on so she found herself something to do. She hunted when she could and explored the territory.

The wraith came across another scent. She recognised the smell of a pregnant woman immediately and it wasn't Isla. Again, she didn't know what the rules on procreation in the pack and she didn't need to know. She had no intention of carrying children and knew well enough it wouldn't be safe for her to carry a litter at her age.

The she-wolf was sitting by herself, a small white she-wolf with green eyes. "Hello there," she said. "My name is Adrestia," she added.

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Played by Pinn who has 40 posts.
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Hazelnut Donata-Valle

Hazelnut could hear the wolf approaching, but hoped that if she gave no indication they might pass her by without forcing an exchange. It was very unlike her not to crave the company of others, but right now she was struggling. When the woman's voice came, pleasant as it was, Hazey felt dread. She forced a smile, forced the lightest wag of her tail in greeting. She just had to get through this interaction and then she'd be able to be alone with her thoughts again. "Morning." or was it afternoon now? "I'm Hazelnut." Usually, the woman would offer a nickname or two, but today she just didn't have it in her. "It's nice to meet you."