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I never asked for easy — Paradise Falls 
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Paradise Falls V. Subordinate
Flair Smoke-Athesila
For @Chan only. Hope this works for you, tried to leave it open for you to set a time and place that fits.


The sun had grown warm enough now to start melting the snow, wherever it could reach through the branches of the redwoods. It made walking a lot easier on aching joints, much as the warmer air did on weary lungs, and Flair was now able to take daily walks throughout the territory, although her pace was still much slower than it used to be.


At this point, she had mostly accepted that her health would never be back to what it had been a year prior, though it was not an easy admission for the stoic woman, and she was determined to not remain dead weight to her pack, even if she couldn’t serve them like she had before.


So much had changed in her time of isolation, many new faces joining them that she had yet to properly meet, @Finley’s leadership had proved a boon for them, and Flair would be eternally grateful for her taking the helm despite all the adversity. Then, in their newest development, Jethro had found his way home, though for now at least, it was Chan who had taken over leadership.


It was a lot to process, but she was starting to finally feel able to, talking more and more about pack matters with her partner, whenever he joined her for her daily walks or, like now, they shared a private moment at rest. She’d offer advice where she could, but mostly she asked to gauge his mood, looking to make sure he wasn’t drowning under the weight of these new responsibilities, adding to his own anxieties.


As much as she loved her pack and wanted to do good by it, she loved him more and his wellbeing would always be her first priority.

”Speech" Thoughts
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Paradise Falls I. Leader
Chan Eastfall
Chan's attitude and inner dialogue were both constantly shifting, but his demeanor remained constant. Quiet but observant, a low, almost imperceptible thrum of energy permanently present. Ready, from each and every moment to the next, for things to turn. As he lay at Flair's side, his ears stood tall and his head never lowered to rest upon his outstretched forelimbs. Mismatched eyes watched their surroundings with a level of detachment.

Just another day, without any significant markers so far. In many ways, he could be thankful for that. Chan also took issue, though. He and his closest friend were both on an inarguable downslope thanks to time alone, and while stillness could mean peace, it could also be suffocating in its own way.

He shifted, a soft breath out forcing his dark lips to part.
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