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what goes around, comes around — Paradise Falls 
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Paradise Falls XIII. Subordinate
Nadine Daireann
Paradise Falls, a new rabbit warren has cropped up in your territory.
Next round begins May 9th

give me your heart
and i'll give you my soul
to just feel a little piece of heaven

Nadine had caught the scent upon a patrol of the borders and it had caused her a great excitement. It was not often that she saw a warren so close to pack borders given the nature of the scent, and she figured it might be easy pickings for them. Though spring was emerging and with that, prey was becoming more popular… one never knew when a drought or some other tragedy would bide their time and slide in to cause havoc to the health and well-being of the pack. Nadine figured they ought to take every opportunity.

And so with that, she would release a note into the sky, calling for others to come and join her in the hunt. It was smaller than the deer, but perhaps that was better. She did not think she had done bad with the pack hunt, but she was aware now that perhaps she had been more ambitious in attempting to take two at once with the numbers they’d had present.

Perhaps something smaller might allow her a better strategy to pursue? She could only hope.