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adventure is out there — Paradise Falls 
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Miriam Faith
For @Chan to talk pack role

Admittedly, there was a part of Miriam that was upset… but she tried not to dwell upon it. Harboring resentment was a way she would harbor ill will with the ancesotrs, and that was the last thing she wanted… still, she found herself disheartened that it had been Nadine to locate Jethro and point Finley in his direction. She’d been searching the surrounding territories to the Falls every day and yet it had turned up nary a peep… Nadine had gone out on a jaunt and returned victorious. Some part of her harbored resentment towards the woman for no good reason at all.

Clearly, this had happened for a reason. She should simply be happy the man had returned…

That was what she kept telling herself as she sulked around the border, having just come back from searching the surrounding territories. She figured even though she had not found the former alpha, what she could do was scout out game trails to tip the hunters, and take note of any suspicious activity that surrounded pack lands even if it did not happen on. That had to be her best choice, right?

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Chan Eastfall
Chan had been out doing a bit of surveying himself. It was great to have so many bodies keeping tabs, but it still wasn't the same as getting out and seeing the current lay of the land with his own two eyes. Especially with the influx of rival predators as hunting grew bountiful around them...

He hadn't even needed to go out of his way to cross paths with Miriam. Pure happenstance caused her to appear before him, a good reminder that perhaps she would like to have a similar conversation as her peer, Nadine. While not a requirement by far in Chan's eyes, this was the typical time in a wolf's life when they actively wished for and pursued a specific function; in their identity, in their pack, in the world.

"Hello, Mir. Nice day to be out and about, yeah?"
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Miriam Faith

Miriam had been lost in her own thoughts when a familiar voice brought a nickname into the air, drawing a smile from her as she turned her head towards Chan, a beaming expression on her face as she quickly pushed down everything she had been thinking about in terms of resentment. “Hiya Chan!” She’d greet back with a wag of her tail. She hadn’t been expecting to find anyone else out there, despite it still being within the bounds of the pack.

“It’s a beautiful day! I was just about to go out and do some surveying of the territories just outside of the borders, up near the lake.” Though she was always back for the night, never taking more than a day trip. She didn’t quite feel confident enough in her own paws for it, and her conversation with Finley had indicated she’d grow to longer trips but that she had not yet been at that level. She wasn’t entirely certain what that level was, but she’d know when she’d know, right? “Would you like to join me? It’d be nice to have the company!”