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Ooc: Flywolf
Other Chars: Nash, Jessamy, Jacynth, Ally
Stats: sharpshooter please

He was still roaming aimlessly. His thoughts had turned back to home more and more often since his run-in with his ma; he still couldn't believe she was back, and he felt he should be returning to spend time with her, let her get to know him now that he was grown, and get to know her now that she had so obviously been changed. Home was obviously changed, too, and he wondered just how out of place he would feel when he got back.

But he still couldn't go back without Ally. He just could make himself give up on her - and that's what it felt like. Giving up on her. He knew that wasn't true, and if he kept on like this it meant he would probably never make it back home, but he just couldn't face them. Even though he had, really; he'd run into everyone that mattered while out searching. He didn't think they'd hate him if he came back without his daughter, and his da had said he'd been wrong...

Archer paused when he heard a voice, head rising and ears lifting. He really needed to pay more attention, he might just wander right past Ally if he kept getting lost in his thoughts like this. He took a few more steps forward until he could see another wolf around the trees. "Oh," he said. "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I didn't mean to startle you."