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Spree Log
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Spree Log

For those of you who find that you are suddenly super available and just want to write, write, write, finding other people who feel the same way can be difficult sometimes. Normally-paced or slow-paced threads are fun, but sometimes it's even more fun to play out a thread with someone in a day or even a few hours. If you leave your information below, other people can contact you about starting up a thread!

When you use this thread...

  • Clearly state how long you will be available for as a specific time period or day(s).
  • List your character(s) you're interested in positing with.
  • Offer any lonely threads you've already started.

If/when your request has been met, please edit your post saying so! This allows us to keep the topic tidy, thanks!

When: 4/13 - 4/15
Where: Adrestia is in PF, Apollo is in SC, Chaos idk yet. Addie and Appy can both wander out of their pack lands
Who: Adrestia, Apollo, and Chaos once they get accepted
When: Tonight, 7pm EST on
Who: Mika, Riven, Nori
Mika: the mountain
Riven: Paradise Falls
Nori: middle of the map, left of the mountain