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From the Bottom Up — Blackberry Fields 
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Inali Wayha

Minka in a warm gesture tapped her muzzle against her chin and the small fae leaned into the touch and smiled as warmth filled her heart at Minka's response. Then it was silent between the two, for what else could be said? Their love and respect for one another could be seen and didnt need to be told. The women stayed in their little moment, both staring at the horizon, jut drinking in each other's presence. But life went on. As Minka left, Inali chuffed a small goodbye before turning away as well and sitting up to move and do her own necessary duties. As she walked away from her alpha and friend, she couldn't help but feel at peace. It had felt good to catch up with Minka again. They had both grown up over their time in the Lore and each had come out stronger and wiser in the end.

Inali was no longer the naive girl that believed as she came into the Lore, everything would now be sunshine and rainbows. Both women had suffered loss and pain and rejoiced in joy and tears. Black Thorn Downs would be their new chapter. Minka with a family of her own, and Inali learning to open up her heart again to the new wolves that no doubt would show up and become part of the family. Inali smiled at her thoughts and continued as a busybody throughtout the reat of the day, enjoying every bit of it.

{Fade Out}

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