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All Beauty and Truth — Fireweed Rise 
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One last post from you to wrap this up, then a mountain thread? @Athena

"Sounds fantastic! I'll gladly do some recruiting to help our numbers grow." Letting her tail hang low but have a slight wag to it she let out a small bark. It's sound carrying that of obvious joy and pleasure.

Still standing tall and protective over Athena, the dark female scanned the land with her golden eyes. Sooner or later the evening would fall. If the two wanted to take a trip to the mountains then they would need energy. Which meant filling up on whatever they could find and lots of rest.

Opening her jaws Silver found herself speaking once again. "I think we should take the trip first thing tomorrow. What do you think?" Pausing for a moment she was quick to speak again. "We will need lots of rest. I can go fetch us something to dine on while you go and rest."

Shrugging her shoulders softly she bent down her head at an angle where her nose could reach the top of Athena's head. Offering a soft touch she quickly walked over the woman so she was no longer standing over her. Stretching out her front legs she reached out until her front end was bowed down and her rear was up high. Then opening her jaw she exposed her tongue, throat, teeth and all in a rather large yawn. Moving herself back to a standing stance she let her gaze wander over her pale coated companion. "I'm so happy we met." Her words were soft and caring clearly directed for Athena and Athena only.

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At Silver's words of recruitment, Athena reached up and licked Silver's leg. She truly was thankful for her protective companion. Silver would be a great asset and a great advisor to her plan and she was glad she was excited for their new life as well. Recruiting others will be tough, especially during the winter months if she wanted to get her pack established by Spring, however, she knew her and Silver could pull this off. This was her dream and she was finally in reach of it with the help of her new partner.

With the mention of taking this trip first thing tomorrow, her tail beat excitably against the ground, however, inside she was a little nervous. She hasn't been to her lake in a long time. Since the disbandment of Poison Path and when she found out she had lost both of her children. Though, she was going to put the past in the past and move forward. "Of course, my friend. I'll meet you by my old den." She answered, "And that would be lovely." She finished with a chuckle.

As Silver moved to stand besides her and stretch, she did the same, mimicking the bow as well. At Silver's sweet words, Athena reached over and placed an affectionate lick upon her cheek, "Me too, darling. Me too."
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