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Vital Information
Full Name: Gent Lieris
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Years (June 31 2012)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: Sky Cry Shield (Outside of Relic Lore)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Life Points: 6090
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Blue black
Species: 75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf / 25% Eastern Timber Wolf
Height: 105 cm
Length: 182 cm
Eye Color: Glacier blue
Physique: Large
Weight: 150 lbs
Created by Sarah!
voice ref one - voice ref two

Gent is exceptionally proud of having received a significant portion of his appearance from his father. Exactly like the late Lieris patriarch, his heir's build is solid and formidable. Now fully grown, Gent carries a weighty bulk that he is highly familiar with throwing around. This tall and lengthy frame is wrapped in solid black that reflects an ethereal cobalt in the proper lighting, and sees the world through eyes so faintly blue they could have been cut from arctic ice. As an adult, he is often seen as solemn and calculating, though can occasionally be caught with a playful smirk or irritated scowl scribbled across his handsome face.

"Another bear skin for the den, my lady?"

Gent was born and raised a cavalier asshole. In his youngest days, he was brought up by his father to think himself a level above all other wolves, including his siblings. However, contrary to what one might expect, the boy was also taught that nothing comes for free and everything must be earned through dedication and hard work. Even while raised to know his place was on top, he also was well aware that he was starting at the very bottom. Therefore, while carrying a smug attitude and being known to belittle and anger others with his high-horse assumptions, Gent has always been able to put in an amount of effort that few others would be willing to match and even sacrifice of himself, so long as the benefit is obvious. Along these lines, his favorite activity has always been manipulating others, generating goodwill in order to be able to rely on blind loyalty and owed favors late on. Through the lies however, Gent is a passionate wolf, concerning both his presumed place in life and the things he grows attached to. Now finally a true man, he's finding that all of his attempts at forming alliances are resulting in relationships that are far more important to him than just the advantage they present toward the end goal of becoming an alpha. Never having been taught about this facet of life, the alien emotions often unsettle him and as a result, Gent has become a little less sure of the teachings of his father. However, he still has not lost an ounce of confidence in himself, and is determined to power through this unfamiliar territory to make the best of things, for both himself and his pack.

As a Lawful Neutral character, Gent;
  • Respects authority figures and obeys their mandates.
  • Will support his pack and leader.
  • Will not betray a loyal family member.
  • Strives to be well-liked in his community, and improve his pack.
  • Considers public service in a leadership role an honor.
  • Obeys all personal contracts unless extremely inconvenient to do so.
  • Is not concerned with those less fortunate unless profitable.
  • Believes others deserve the treatment they are willing to endure.
  • Has few close friends whom he would never betray.
  • Values lifelong commitment to a romantic partner.
  • You shall only lie to benefit yourself & the pack.
  • You shall not kill the innocent.
  • You shall honor legitimate authority.
  • You shall follow righteous law.
  • You shall only betray others to benefit yourself & the pack.
  • You shall honor all oaths.
  • You shall promote unlimited order.
  • Failing to alert the authorities of a crime.
  • Treating a peer, ally or superior with disrespect.
  • Breaking your word to your peer, ally or superior.
  • Failing to assist peers, allies or superiors in need.
  • Breaking the law.
  • Breaking an oath or personal contract.
  • Aiding the forces of chaos and disorder.
Honorable Actions
  • Defeating a superior opponent.
  • Refusing medical treatment for the good of the party.
  • Reporting illegal actions to the authorities.
  • Allowing a bested opponent to continue a fight.
  • Allowing an enemy to remove their dead/wounded from the field.
Dishonorable Actions
  • Being convicted or accused of a crime.
  • Rash or improper social behavior.
  • Saving the life of another at great risk to oneself.
  • Refusing a fair contest/challenge.
  • Defeat by an inferior opponent.
  • Fleeing a fight or battle.
  • Being taken prisoner.
  • Treason.

Needs Wants Do Don't
consistent progress
to be great
prove your loyalty
challenge his authority
Forte Strength Weakness Downfall
physical prowess
emotionally inept


( Birth — Nov 28 2012 )
II. Heir

( Dec 1 2012 — Sep 13 2013 )
V. Pup/Yearling

( Nov 11 2013 — Dec 14 2013 )
V. Yearling

( Dec 14 2013 — Mar 20 2014 )
V. Yearling

( Mar 20 2014 — Mar 19 2015 )

( Mar 19 2015 — Mar 25 2015 )
VI. Subordinate
( Mar 25 2015 — Apr 17 2015 )
V. Subordinate
( Apr 17 2015 — Apr 21 2015 )
IV. Subordinate

( Apr 21 2015 — May 05 2015 )
III. Subordinate
( May 05 2015 — May 12 2015 )
II. Subordinate
( May 12 2015 — May 29 2015 )
II. Guardian
( May 29 2015 — Mar 04 2016 )
I. Leader

( Mar 04 2016 — Apr 13 2016 )
I. Leader
( Apr 14 2016 — Current )
II. Subordinate


PARENTS // Zylinth Lieris Male Dead & Kyla Lecea Female Missing
SIBLINGS // Danica Female Missing (adopted), Eek Female Missing ½, Jace Male Missing ½, Vitani Female Missing ½, Roman Male Missing (adopted)

MATE // Raela Female
CHILDREN // Lucia Female, Aleris Female, Ryker Male, Marianna Female (adopted)


NIECES & NEPHEWS // Taslima Female Missing
GODCHILDREN // Daniel Male Dead

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