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Vital Information
Full Name: Elettra Archer
Alias: Ella, El, Ele
Gender: Female
Age: 12 Years (March 20 2008)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank Deceased
Birthplace: Torbine
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Life Points: 7470
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Gray, Black & Gold
Species: Mackenzie Tundra Wolf
Height: 93 cm.
Length: 169 cm.
Eye Color: Pale Gray
Physique: Medium
Weight: 100 lbs.
italian blood, as her name suggests. medium sized wolf of one hundred pounds flat. she is built with a curvy waste-line, rounded hips and a plush chest, as any well rounded woman may hold. build is sturdy and strong, easily holding her own. long, powerful limbs and a lush tail. her body is seemingly at its perfection, yet beyond the soft hairs lie a number of nicks and scratches- old scars from various fights and practice spars. her coating is of average length; thick. she cannot stand hot, desert terrain. her color is of nothing special- grays, silvers, darker grays and black hairs mixed along her coating. her underside is lighter, topcoat holding the more darker coloration. her lips are a lighter pale gray, ears, muzzle and face pointed with black. in the light, tints of golden hue can be seen throughout her fur. her eyes are an eerie, pale gray, intimidating and strange. her voice is far from light and soft, but strong and certain, thicker, even perhaps dark.

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wild, dangerous and powerful. made of royal blood and believes herself to be of such. knows what she wants. wishes to be on top and will fight for that (dislikes anything being handed to her and resents power being thrown to anyone). loves a good spar, enjoys a challenge. cherishes the hierarchy of a pack, though still an explorer to heart. was made to push herself to the limit and push she does. speaks noble and proper, without the use of slag- such a thing is much like the words of a common dog. dislikes and uncertain of hybrids or half-breeds. offers respect to all those she meets, less they prove themselves unworthy of her good word. un-trusting of anyone and everyone but herself- this is something that need by earned. upon gaining her trust, she is an unbreakable ally and compassionate friend. she will guard those she cares for and back them up in hasty situations. wolves that betray her enter her shit-list, and never return. spiteful and sadistic against these few which dare turn their backs upon her loyalty. far from a flirt, but stand-offish when it comes to sexual affection. bold in which she will do what she believes is right and will not hesitate to speak her mind on any given subject. a warrior heart yet a trained medic, she had learned much of her fighting father and healing mother. her soft interior is protected by her rough exterior, but she is not evil, and she is no demon. a wolf is a wolf, wild and savage.

Mate - Angier Lyall
Children - Asriel, Skoll, Morganna (w/ Kiche)
Deacon, Greer, Castiel (w/ Angier)

Niles, Ravenna, Isolde (w/ Angier)

Other - Sorya (sister), Nicolo (brother), Adele (sister), Xetor (nephew)

• pre-lore history found here.

• entered the lands of relic lore (spring) at the age of three. tired and sore from her travel, she takes rest under a grand tree within cedarwood forest. this is where she meets vlarindara windrunner. she offers her food and a place to rest for the night, and upon getting to grizzly hollow, she is greeted by their leadess, jaysyek enap lyall. she is offered a home there and after resting for the night, the next morning elettra decides to stay, gaining the rank of subordinate in the pack, where she will be tested for the specialty task of medic.

• vlarindara disappears and elettra, still rather new, finds herself the high position of second within the ranks. more time passes, and the pack's pups are born and elettra does all she can to aid jaysyek with the birth. when vlarindara returns later, it is brash, as the woman challenges for the return of her placement as second. elettra, feeling as though she very well deserves the title for her time caring for the alphena and her new children whilst vlar disappeared, fights back, and is victorious.
• much time passes and after the disappearance of many members, only the two seconds, the children and jaysyek remain. the pack is painful small and the winter is uncaring. in time, the body of prosper is revealed, the son long lost. elettra carries it home with the help of ruiko, a subordinate of swift river. not long after, does theodore get himself bitten by a snake, poisonous and though el tries her most, the child parishes to join his late brother. elettra's irritation and anger rise with her locked away sorrows. at the return of borden, she snaps on him with words and teeth- for it is he (kiche, vlarindara and all whom joined and quickly left between) she blames for the pack's tragedies! his trust in her has broken, never to return.

• after her fight with borden, the woman breaks off in a rage, determined to release the pain, sorrow and hatred she had endured from two pups deaths and their father's return filled with pathetic excuses. she breaks down a cries within the thicket, where she is found by ruiko. with his lack to uphold her demand for him to leave, a fight breaks out. he ends up allowing her to tear into him full force and when tired, she slumps down and ruiko's kiss to her forehead leaves only a 'why?' to form from her lips. he answers with 'because sometimes this is all another needs'. it is their last words, because after a nights rest together, in the morning, ruiko is gone. whilst she no longer haunts him, he now haunts her.
• alexander has returned. the true father of arlette and theodore is alive and upon finding him, elettra leads him to jaysyek, sure that she would like to know of the news. the older man is a skeleton of his former self and elettra is deemed to care for him. they spend much of their time in her infirmary and though he is the newest of the members, learns more of elettra then any other whom lived with her this entire time. though firstly thought a burden of her time, alexander proves to be a good companion from her otherwise loneliness.

• with the return of both borden, kiche, and vlarindara, elettra's willingness for her life in grizzly hollow falls. unable to live under the authority of someone she does not trust and with the constant need to watch her back against those whom formerly abandoned the pack, elettra, after a full year of living within the hollow, says her final goodbyes to her leadess and leaves.

• on her wanderings as a rogue, it is remy, koda, kyrie, reed, and narimé who aid in the forming of willow ridge as founding members. as the first male to join the group and without a love to call her own, it is koda whom elettra trusts to stand at her side as her leading partner. it is within the heart of drooping willows that elettra seeks refuge; discovering a rock formation fitting enough to call home, elettra calls her promised members and stakes her territory, birthing willow ridge.
• throughout the summer and autumn, willow ridge grows triumphantly, topping in numbers to make the largest back in all the lore, despite being the newest formed. an old enemy, kiche, even joins the ranks as lowest, seeking judgement and penance for the crimes he had formerly committed to which elettra becomes his reckoning.
• a balance of sorts comes with the pack's first winter, striking the pack heavily with injuries, missing wolves, death and the plague of rabies which enters the lands by the infected wolves known as aniwaya. willow ridge drops drastically in size by the start of spring as even more members leave to form packs of their own including a man known as phineas, whom elettra forms feelings towards even though fear swallows them down. both pained and raged, elettra becomes vows to be more tough on those she allows into her pack and whom she can trust. during this heart ache, elettra reaches out to the one man she claims as her own: kiche, whom over his time within the pack had scrambled and scrapped to prove himself a better wolf. the years of history they share twist in a manner most unlikely as together they create the future of willow ridge.
• elettra gives birth to three healthy pups - skoll (male), asriel (male) and morganna (female). each take the name of archer and she raises them as a single parent atop her placement as single leader of willow ridge and its only knowledgeable healer.
• after many months (a month shy of half a year) ruling willow ridge as the sole leader of the pack, angier lyall finally finds it in him to challenge for the position and prove himself worthy to stand at elettra's side as equal. the pair, firstly allies to grow into trusted friends, grow closer to one another. elettra allows herself to open up to him, revealing her past love affairs that have left her broken all these years. its the first time she has spoken her story to anyone and so, her bond and trust in him further grows.

The Infirmary

not found, but dug by her own paws, the layout is nothing spectacular.no more then a hole in the ground, formed within the very confines of her pack's den- a cave made from a rock formation within the drooping willows. outside the opening is a collection of shells and carved out wood, used for storing water for mixing of herbs. within is a rounded room, enough space for herself and two (perhaps three) other wolves- provided as this den also seconds for a hospital area for the sick and injured. here, the guest has the comfort of being near his or her pack mates, but also allowing for privacy in his/her weak state. the flooring here is held with feather, fur and coat, in hopes to make the patient as comfortable as possible. branched off from here is one other smaller room, used for storage of herbal remedies. the layout is covered in various foliage, flower, root, river plant-life and other herbs, in order to keep for easy access upon emergencies.
Fun Facts
• the archer family is known to have large litters of pups, containing mostly males and averaging of medium to large proportions. In there immediate family colors range from medium to dark gray, splotches of black and lighter shades of grays, to even a solid black. timber wolves and solid white come as a rarity, if any at all. eye colors range to any shade, though are usually pale in nature to contrast their darker coats.
• elettra is an only daughter amongst four sons, being the fourth born in the group. the strongest in the litter is deacon, third born and is assumed to have taken the title of heir to the large dynasty which the family rules. the last born son in the litter was killed by elettra, after he had tried firstly to murder her.
• elettra's first love was lycus corvius, the leader of a bachelor gang on the outskirts of the torbine country. after raping elettra, he was executed with the entirely of his gang by her two eldest brothers, father, and strongest of the royal guard. elettra birthed four children, sexes unknown, whom were taken shortly after birth and assumed to have been executed.
• elettra is somewhat religious, though not an avid worshiper nor enforces these beliefs on others.she believes in the gods which she grew up on from her home, gods of the earth, the sea, the sun, the moon, and the like, all of which are representations of the world which we live. though she believes the gods may try to guide us, she believes that each wolf holds the ability to create their own path in life. destiny is what you makes it.
• elettra enjoys spending much of her time wondering lands beyond her home in search of herbs or shells to which she can mix such herbs. this helps clear her mind of things and keep a level-head. her biggest stress reliever, however, is a good spar. her fuse grows shorter and her rage more wild the longer she goes without these 'hobbies'.
• the archer family is adoptable! more information on her family is found here. keep in mind not all are up for adoption so therefore there is a limit. archer's are very loyal to their family and very prideful of the torbine empire. many of the children are reluctant to leave.
• elettra's three children, asriel, morganna and sköll all hold the name of archer (even though usually the male's name is passed down) due to the fact that their father, kiche, had no last name to pass to his children. elettra is proud that now the archer name will be carried out through her spawn despite the fact that she is a female.
• since joining relic lore, elettra has been the cause of three deaths: ozera, who she mercy killed after ozera had fallen from a cliff, slyscar, murdered in war by elettra and various other attackers, and shade, who died from massive neck injures after their fight.