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Vital Information
Full Name: Veho Macieo
Alias: Merlin
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Years (May 8 2012)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: American Cheyenne Reservation
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Life Points: 4330
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Grey
Species: Grey Wolf
Height: 35 inches
Length: 65 inches
Eye Color: Silver
Physique: Medium
Weight: 130 lbs
Veho is a sturdy wolf, wide across the shoulders and haunches. He's not a particularly lithe wolf, instead built for stamina, and the ability to pace himself for days. Thick muscles are blanketed by a gentle layer of fat, providing him with the strength he needs to carry onwards. The stocky wolf is a fairly common shade of grey, littered with a silver undercoat and darker guard hairs. His ears are darker, mottled with grey and brown. Perhaps most noticeable are his eyes, an incredibly light shade of silver. They are very pale, and almost eerie in that sense.

[Image: vehopix_by_euphoriclies-d98a201.png]

A very lawful character, Veho upholds his personality standards to the best of his abilities. There is very little in the world that could convince him to stray from these morals. He seeks to protect the weak, care for the young, and honor the elders. Strong-willed, the wolf will settle for nothing less than justice and the righteous path. He is a crusader for his cause, a one-knight army, and considers his honor to be his most valuable treasure and will protect it with his life. Having lost someone he was supposed to protect so young in his life, Veho vows to never again let this happen – even if it means becoming a bit smothering or insufferable.

He's often unaware of how unrealistic some of his goals might be, or how critical he may be of others. Veho is prone to becoming moody and unpredictable if he overextends himself and fails the goals he's set from himself. He is often driven onwards by his guilt, and his self-esteem often hinges on how others view and interact with him. While he is a genuine, caring individual, he feels inadequate and tends to shy away from public exposure and opinion, often fearing he will come up wanting. Now that he's taken up with Rook, this is only magnified. He seems to be unable to keep partners around, and while Oula has made her return, some part of Veho is waiting for the hurt in his heart to return.

[Image: TsKEKR6.png] [Image: 1O5QgB5.png]

Needs Wants Do Don't
To be morally good
Limit risk level
Make him feel guilty
Forte Strength Weakness Downfall
Strong empathizer
Often goes above and beyond
Strong perfectionist
Driven by his guilt

Likened To: Fili, Son of Dis
Theme Songs: Like Real People Do -- Hozier
Voice Claim: Eddie Redmayne


Father - Caelyn ♂
Mother - Lonaa ♀
Siblings - Oolijee ♂, Neha ♀, Namid
Nieces - Neha, Lunette, Ismena
Nephews - Cernan, Aleister
Partner - Oula
Mate - Rook
Offspring - Joan♀, Felix♂, & Ophelia

[Image: vr5W8F.png]

Pack History
Lone Wolf
February 23, 2014 - July 8, 2015

Grizzly Hollow
V. Subordinate - July 9, 2015 - August 23, 2015
IV. Subordinate - August 24, 2015 - September 8, 2015
III. Subordinate - September 9, 2015 - October 11, 2015
II. Subordinate - October 12, 2015 - December 6, 2015
I. Leader - December 7, 2015 - September 1, 2017

Lone Wolf
September 2, 2017 - Present

Veho's life started as a happy one. He was born to healthy parents, in a litter of four. The second of the group, he was also the largest. Some of his earliest memories are being instructed by his father to watch over his two sisters, as they are to be prized and cared for. Despite this, Neha died while the litter was all still puppies. Despite this illness being no one's fault, Veho felt particularly guilty for the loss of his sister. He overcompensated and became all but smothering in his need to make sure no harm comes to Namid. She was the only sister he had left, and his desire to do well and make his father proud often went beyond simple protection. Perhaps more than that, he was little jealous that his younger sister is the chief's favorite, but his desire to be a good son and good brother is often stronger, and he remained as the overprotective brother until they are finally sent away from the reservation.

It wounded him less than his sister – never anyone's favorite individual, he moved on with relative ease. While his sister took off, his father, Caelyn, convinced him to remain with the family unit. While the breeding pair tried for another litter, such luck was not among the stars. Veho remained for another year, learning from his father until he is two. Then, he moves onwards, wishing to strike out on his own, and perhaps start his own family. Six months into his travels, he meets a lonely yearling. Taking young Rika under his wing, he looks out for her for several months. It soothes his desire to take care of someone – but eventually, she choses to return to her birth pack. Veho remains unsatisfied and moves onwards until he reaches Relic Lore.

Since Entering Relic Lore
After spending some time wandering, Veho settled in the southern half of the forest. Here he wandered, with no true goal in mind. He intended only to allow the wind to carry him, the Ancestors to guide him, and to assist anyone he could in his travels. He might Kajika along the way, and found a friend in the lone wolf. Not long after, he met Rook, the wolf who had him falling head over heels - he'd even invited him to join Grizzly Hollow. Commitment brought the male a brief panic, and in seeking his ancestors, he met a truly delightful woman in Belladonna. The sort of wolf he absolute adores, he departed hoping to cross her again. The consultation served its purpose, however, and Veho joined Grizzly Hollow shortly thereafter, his intention to become the pack's medic.

Joining Grizzly Hollow has given him purpose, as well as a deep love for Rook. All time spent with the man is time well spent, despite the guilt he later deals with knowing Quil is struggling in her relationship with the man. Still, his morales aren't enough to stop him. He is head over heels for his alpha, and strives to become beta of the Hollow to support Rook in any way he can. Meanwhile, he sees a friend in Titan despite having challenged him for his rank, and hopes that they can teach each other, continuing to practice medicine.

Outside of the pack, he has learned that Namid is indeed among the forest of Relic Lore -- and he is an uncle now! Delightful as that idea is, the protective older brother in him is deeply disturbed he has no idea who Namid's mate is...something that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

As the summer became fall, Rook and Veho have become committed to one another. This relationship was tested with Borden's passing, as it came with two large changes: Rook took a sabbatical from Grizzly Hollow, and Veho became the alpha of the pack. While leadership was never something the man pictured himself wanting, he's grown into the role over the winter, and has even come to enjoy it. His lawful nature has become much stronger, and he finds he has less time to converse with the Ancestors. Balancing duty, his relationship with his beloved Rook, and his faith is a struggle, but one that he enjoys doing -- even if he has become a harder soul in the process.

[Image: vr5PpP.png]