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Vital Information
Full Name: Lorcán Artemieva
Alias: Lorcán, Lorc, Lor
Gender: Male
Age: 6 Years (March 7 2014)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members I. Leader
Birthplace: Artemus Valley, Canada
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Life Points: 6540
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Agouti
Species: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Height: 3 ft 1 in / 92.5 cm
Length: 5 ft 5 in / 168.1 cm
Eye Color: Gold (#DBCA58)
Physique: Medium
Weight: 124 lbs / 56.2 kg
Lorcan could only ever be described as plainly handsome. Easily one to become lost in the crowd, the male is adorned with a common agouti pelt, made up of natural earthy tones including rich brown, pale silver, warm tan and coffee cream. Typical wolfish markings scatter his pelt, including white underbelly, a black tipped tail and two pale eyebrows which stand out well against the tawny mask that covers his face. These, along with his bright piercing gold eyes, make his face all more expressive and easy to read.

More recently, Lorcan has acquired numerous scars on his face. Most noticeable are two claw marks which cut across his left eye and through his right eyebrow. He also has a few slightly shallower teeth marks which scar either side of his muzzle, with two marks on the left and three on the right side respectively.

Unlike the majority of males in his family, Lorcan physically takes after his mother, having inherited a more lean and slender physique, along with a more average height. He possesses long and slim limbs which allow him to be swift and agile in his movements, making him perfectly built for stealth and speed.
Originally aligned as a lawful good individual, Lorcan has since developed a lawful evil alignment. Naturally he is very caring and altruistic, however following on from a number of major events in his life, the male has come to learn not to spread himself too thin. He comes with his own set of loved ones and close allies who can all influence his behaviour, pushing him to act against his better judgement and break the law for their sake. This has left him with a number of enemies. He will go out of his way to help others up to a point, as he refuses to put himself through any major discomfort if it does not aid either himself or the pack to some degree. In addition, although he does, for the most part, respect authority figures he can sometimes question their decisions if they clash with his own personal motives. This being said, he is very much aware about what is right and what is wrong, and knowing the things that he has done – harming and killing others to benefit those closest to him – has caused him to question his own morality and has left him with a guilty conscience.

Lorcan possesses traits from the block personality as his actions are based on emotive responses. Being very empathetic, he is always striving to help and please others and also works hard for constant self-improvement. This can make him unsatisfied at times as he is always reaching for new goals and targets without giving much consideration to what he may have already achieved. Lorcan also craves stability as he fears chaos and confrontation and dislikes change. When his life is not stable he can become very stressed and anxious, as he is unable to control the situation or predict the potential outcome.

Needs Wants Do Don't
Purpose + Stability Acceptance Encourage him Disparage him
Forte Strength Weakness Downfall
Hard Worker Courteous + Amiable Self Criticism Highly Emotional
7 March, 2014 to 7 March, 2015
Yearling (VI)
7 March, 2015 to 7 March, 2016

Subordinate (IV)
22 June, 2016 to 9 December, 2016
Medic (IV)
9 December, 2016 to 20 December, 2016
Healer (IV)
20 December, 2016 to 11 February, 2017
Healer (III)
11 February, 2017 to 24 March, 2017
Healer (II)
24 March, 2017 to 31 March, 2017
Hearthwood River
Subordinate (III)
1 April, 2017 to 2 April, 2017
Healer (III)
2 April, 2017 to 21 May, 2017
Healer (II)
21 May, 2017 to 16 June, 2017
Healer (V)
24 July, 2017 to 2 August, 2017
Healer (IV)
2 August, 2017 to 17 September, 2017

Willow Ridge
Subordinate (III)
13 December, 2017 to 20 January, 2018
Subordinate (II)
20 January, 2018 to 11 February, 2018
Clearwater Tarn
Leader (I)
20 March, 2018 to 1 May, 2018

Subordinate (VII)
16 May, 2018 to 24 May, 2018
Healer (VII)
25 May, 2018 to 7 August, 2018

Leader (I)
??? to Present


Parents — Niklaus, Aura
Littermates — Malek, Laike, Tikhon
Nephews — Sándor, Aurek, Nikolai
Nieces — Lenka, Duska, Vasilisa

Ex-Lover — Inna
Ex-Mate — Piety

2017 Litter — Oksana (with Inna)
2018 Litter — Valentin (with Piety)