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Vital Information
Full Name: Macha Archer
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years (May 8 2017)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: Devilsbite Dell
Alignment: Lawful Good
Life Points: 765
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Black,White,Brown
Species: Mackenzie Tundra x Great Plain
Height: 38In.
Length: 68In.
Eye Color: Gray
Physique: Large
Weight: 140lbs
Macha sports the infamous Black coat gray eye'd color combination of the Archer family, though faint flecks of brown along with a lovely white marking placed upon her chest differ her from looking completely like her father. When she reaches adult age, she will be a large wolf, though slightly on the smaller side of the spectrum. She will be lean, with a sense of elegance about her. Taking immense pride in her coat, the fae would sooner drop dead than ever be spotted with any sort of filth lingering on her person.


-Most resembles Malicia on Dawnthieves-
Face Claim--Kerli
Voice Claim
[Image: rVmDUwP.png]
[Image: e9pu7AL.png]

Logical Organized Spiritual

Faithful to the Moon Mother due to her incessant lessons and close upbringing by her mothers, father, and remaining Teachers, Macha has proven herself to be a capable heiress to Devilsbite Dell legacy. She is deeply rooted in her Craft, competent in water scrying, tracking the moon cycles, and reading energies. Even with her logical mindset and well-organized methods, she gets easily frustrated and often consults outside sources for answers. Nevertheless, in the wake of her father and brothers' departures, she has drawn up a plan to prove to herself and to others just what she is capable of. The world had always been given to her on a silver platter within the Dell... if her father's words were true, why would Relic Lore be any different?

Headstrong Temperamental 'Princess'

[Image: jghQk3X.jpg?1]



Paternal Great Grandparents - Sansa & Roman
Paternal Great Uncles - Deacon, Hexxus, Hextor, Asher & Nicolo
Paternal Great Aunts - Adele, Lucia & Sorya
Paternal Uncles - Asriel, Deacon, Greer, Castiel & Niles
Paternal Aunts - Morganna, Ravenna & Isolde
Nieces - Avella
Nephews -{Skully}
Cousins - Odin, Kara, Nellie, Tilly, Bojay, Sterling, Jayseden, Revon, Sedna, Vareth, Ragnar, Freyja, Revon', Vindlys', Capra', Lance' & Kisetra'
First Cousins (Once Removed) - Xetor, Sovanna, Pietro, Diego, Romanov, Adeltra & Jenessa
First cousins (Twice removed) - None


Mate - None
Offspring - None
Parents - {Anahera} & Skoll
Sisters -
Brothers -Samael, Judas, Ramiel & Nuriel
Half-Siblings - Sven, Attica, Lila, Vaeda, Anduin
Maternal Grandparents - N/A
Paternal Grandparents - Elettra & Kiche


' Name appears in more than one place
* Adoptive Relative
- Dead

Note: This family tree depicts blood relatives only. If you find any discrepancies within this list, feel free to message me, and let me know.


Maternal Great Grandparents - N/A
Maternal Great-Great Uncle - N/A
Maternal Great Uncles - N/A
Maternal Great Aunts - N/A
Maternal Aunts - N/A
Nieces - N/A
Nephews -N/A
Cousins - N/A
First Cousins (Once Removed) - N/A
First cousins (Twice removed) - N/A
First cousins (Three times removed) - N/A

I felt my faith get bigger than life.

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Devilsbite Dell
(May 08, 2017 January 05, 2018)
— Cub
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