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Vital Information
Full Name: Nyxis
Alias: Wolfie
Gender: Female
Age: 5 Years (January 1 2016)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members
Birthplace: Crystal fields
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Life Points: 0
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: Charcoal
Species: Timber wolf
Height: 40
Length: 6
Eye Color: Blue
Physique: Medium
Weight: 140
Charcoal coat with black accents apon muzzle. Ears and tail.
Intellectual. Cautious. Calculating. Andverison to touch and contact. Once trusting she is kind and can be caring.
She wasnt born among other wolves in the traditonal sence. Her mother was a rescued wolf from a zoo and her father was from the zoo they had been brought to. She had been abused and taught by humans as they had taken her to another place at a young age. During a time of transit she escapes out into the wildereness finding herself within the area of relic lore.