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Vital Information
Full Name: Lachesis "XIX" Stark
Alias: Nineteen (XIX), Lach, Stark
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Years (April 1 2012)
Pack & Rank: Unaccepted Members No Rank
Birthplace: Whitehorse, Yukon
Alignment: Neutral
Life Points: 8645
Fight Stats: HP: CON: DEX: STR:
Fur Color: White, ivory, dusty
Species: Arctic Wolf
Height: 80cm
Length: 155cm
Eye Color: Pale yellow-green; chartreuse
Physique: Medium
Weight: 127lbs
On the tall side for his typically small species Lachesis is all legs and resembles an awkward, lanky teenager — and is exactly that, with over-sized paws and spider-like legs that give him the appearance he's walking on stilts.

Ghostly in appearance, Lach is covered in an almost blemish-free white coat with a few cream accents thrown in and silver dusting his shoulders. His eyes are a pale yellow-green, and depending on the light can look anywhere from pear to olive coloured. On the inside of his right ear he has "XIX" tattooed. Lachesis will remain gangly as an adult, only appearing larger in the winter when he carries his winter coat.



Lachesis is nothing like the wolf who arrived in Relic Lore with a bucket full of nerves and a stutter hindering his words. He is still cautious in nature, but walks with an air of confidence. Being a worry-wart, Lachesis is constantly second guessing himself and often doubts his own abilities. Strives to be the best for both his pack and his family, and is willing to do anything for them. As he grows older, Lachesis has become much calmer and more diplomatic; however, he still tends to spend time alone (especially at night). He is gotten good at concealing his feelings, unless he is speaking with his mate (Lilya), as he does not like burdening others with his troubled thoughts. It is incredibly difficult to gain his trust, but once it has been given Lachesis is exceptionally loyal.

Lachesis can be classified as a stereotypical "Good Guy", as he seldom swears or raises his voice. However, as he's grown more comfortable in his position as leader over the years, Lachesis has also become more stern and does not like being walked over. He does not often give out second chances to those that cross him.

loyal | honest | diplomatic | aloof | anxious
reserved | introvert | nocturnal | cautious



Wolf #19 "XIX" (04/01/12 - 04/01/13)

Lone Wolf
(04/01/13 - 06/27/13)

Yearling (06/27/13 - 10/01/13)

Lone Wolf
(10/01/13 - 10/02/13)

IV. Yearling (10/02/13 - 11/03/13)

Cut Rock River
Yearling (11/03/13 - 04/01/2014)
Healer (05/17/14 - 10/2014)
Leader (10/2014 - 01/2015)
II. Healer (01/2015 - 03/2015)

Hearthwood River
II. Healer (03/2015 - 03/25/2016)
I. Leader (03/23/2016 - 02/02/2018)

Driftwood Surge
I. Leader (02/02/2018 - PRESENT)


Parents III (Three) Linos Male Alive , X (Ten) Eudora Female Alive
Brothers XVI (Sixteen) Pyrrhus Missing , XVII (Seventeen) Sarpedon Alive
Sister XVIII (Eighteen) Thalia Alive

Mate Lilya Valrorys

2016 Kyrios Aegina & Atropos Stark ^
2017 Laddeus Stark, Lavender Stark & Lilliana Stark *
2018? Legolas Stark, Makvala Stark & Leith Stark

^ with Naia Aegina, * with Lilya Valrorys

Adopted Children
Risaela Tainn & Matheo Tainn

Thalia x Hadrian Selwyn
Niece LXXVI (#76) "Melia" Selwyn
Nephews LXXV (#75) "Nicander" Selwyn & LXXVII (#77) "Septimus" Selwyn (Seven)


Lachesis was born as "XIX" into the Whitehorse Pack to wolves III (Linos) and X (Eudora); he was the last to be born into a litter of four. The Pack was developed to control and reintroduce wolves into the area, Lachesis' parents being among the first ten wolves brought into the project. For the first few months of his life Lachesis — "Nineteen" — and his littermates were under close watch by the humans running the project. During this time Lachesis and his siblings spent little time with their parents. When they were three months old they were permanently placed with the rest of their family and were no longer separated from them; it was during this time that his parents gave himself and his siblings their given names. At this time the Pack was introduced into the rest of their territory and soon flourished. Several weeks before their first birthday, Lachesis' two brothers frequently talked about leaving the Pack and searching for something different (XVI "Pyrrhus" and XVII "Sarpedon") but initially were not going to let Lach join them on their 'adventure'. The eve of their birthday Sarpedon backed out of the plan, unsure of what the outside world was going to be like, so Pyrrhus bullied Lachesis into coming with him. The following night, April 1st, the two brothers left the Pack.

Three weeks later the pair got separated after a run in with a cougar and Lachesis hasn't been able to find his brother since. He stumbled upon the Secluded Spring with @Anastasia — who had been his traveling partner and friend — a week after his brother got chased off and has made a temporary den until he decides what to do next (and whether he should go searching for his bully of a brother). Depending on what @Anastasia does, Lachesis may just make a home of Relic Lore as now that the two wolves have traveled together he feels bonded to her and is terrified of what might happened to her if he were to leave.


After several weeks of remaining lone wolves and scouting the local packs Lachesis and Anastasia decided to purse membership of Pitch Pine Trail as, after meeting several of its members, XIX believed that it would be the ideal home for the pair. Due to his runaway mate @Shade offered Anastasia the position of leader alongside him and to help his now motherless children. For many weeks things seemed to turn up for the former loners as they became acquainted with their new surroundings and packmates. Lachesis had created a strong bond with Shade’s son, @Karpos, and felt as though he finally belonged somewhere – he had also found friendship in one of the original members, @Capella.

Peace, however, never seems to last long with the ghostly pair…

After the arrival of a new wolf, Spectre, Shade found love once more – which left a troubling decision for Nineteen’s blue-eyed companion. Either she was to step down as leader and allow Spectre to take her place next to the Pitch Pine leader, or Spectre would have to challenge Anastasia for the rank. Due to her calm demeanor, Anastasia chose the former and was granted the position of ‘Teacher’ within the pack. After the switch was made, Shade pursued a lead about the whereabouts of his former mate over the mountains. Feeling unsettled about his absence, Spectre decided to follow and leave the pack in Anastasia’s care. After a brief meeting with Ana where they expressed their uncertainties about their leaders’ decisions Lachesis – who had previously discussed heading over the mountains to find medicinal plants with Shade – decided to see if he could find the pair…

His travels were cut short as the stench of blood stained the air the closer he got to the lagoon – it was there that he found Shade wounded by his former Alpha and currently enemy, Elettra. After examining his wounds it was apparent that there was nothing that the future healer could do. In respect to Shade’s dying wish to see his children the wounded leader, Spectre, and Lachesis slowly made their way back to Pitch Pine Trail. After Shade’s death the pack was left in the care of @Ace and Anastasia ; however, it was made known that Ace intended for his new mate, @Silver, to lead alongside him. Anastasia and XIX met once more, both expressing that they were no longer happy within Pitch Pine Trail. She explained that she had met a wolf – @Maksim – who was the current leader of Darkwater Rapids, and that she believed that this pack was better suited for them. Together they made the decision to leave Pitch Pine behind them and pursue another chapter…

After joining Darkwater Rapids thing began to get better for the pair — they were comfortable in their new home and excited to start fresh elsewhere. This, of course, was only temporarily as when the rain failed to cease a flood raged the Darkwater packlands, making it impossible for the wolves to remain there. They traveled over the mountains, seeking refuge in the dry Cedarwood Forest, claiming their new pack as Cut Rock River. Once the pack had settled Lachesis began to pursue the role of healer within the pack, constantly keeping himself busy with the stocking of his plant inventory. As winter arrived the lands of Relic Lore began to grow covered in snow, making it impossible to travel over the mountains that divided the Lore. However, after encountering a former member of Pitch Pine Trail and learning about the disbandment of the pack Lachesis and Anastasia worried frequently of the well-being of Karpos and Adsila. Eventually this worry consumed them and drove the pair to search for them — which meant attempting to cross the snow-covered mountains. In the blizzard the two became separated, and after desperately searching for his companion (and nearly losing his voice from repeatedly shouting her name) Lachesis returned to Cut Rock without her... completely and utterly broken.

- Capella joins Cut Rock River after Anastasia's disappearance
--- The two confess their feelings for each other; however, Capella disappears suddenly without a word
- Maksim finds an injured Bastet and calls for Lachesis: he nurses her back to health and the two grow close
--- The two also confess they have feelings for each other; however, Bastet also disppears and Lachesis has decided he has zero luck with the ladies
- Anastasia returns to Cut Rock briefly: she claims she got lost in the mountains for many months before finding her way back. Lachesis never did get the fully story out of her because she, too, disappeared (ZERO LUCK WITH THE LADIES, SERIOUSLY)
- After a threat forms (i.e. Grizzly Hollow) due to a traitor among their ranks, Maksim makes the decision to move Cut Rock River north to Kingsfall, establishing Hearthwood River
- Lachesis has taken over the role of leader twice for Maksim when he was injured/sick: has give it back without a fight both times (he feels as though he is unworthy of the rank)

- As of March 25th Lachesis has become the permanent leader of Hearthwood River after Maksim's health does not improve
- Naia and Lachesis agree to mate as the Baranski's are unable to
- Maksim dies unexpectedly, cementing Lachesis' leadership
- Naia gives birth on May 16th but passes away due to complications; Karina takes in Atropos and Kyrios
--- Gives Atropos the last name 'Stark' as he does not have one himself; shortened version of Anastasia's (Starklen), which he has also adopted himself