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I am going to be absent for a while, what should I do?

At Ruins of Wildwood, we expect every member to post once every two weeks per character. Failure to do so results in the removal of your character, and to re-join, you need to fill out the form once more—it's not a bothersome process, but if you know you're going away, you can save yourself the trouble of having to rejoin by marking yourself as absent.

To mark yourself as absent is also a form of courtesy towards your fellow players, as they will then have an easier time understanding why you are not responding to their threads. In order to mark yourself as absent, go to the appropriate portion of the User Control Panel and fill in your away/return dates, as well as a brief explanation of why you are gone.

Please keep in mind that an absence cannot stretch for more than 3 consecutive weeks, and must have a defined return date. Absences without a return date, or stretching for 3+ weeks, are considered invalid and will be removed. If you need to take an extended break due to muse/life issues, or go on a really long vacation, we recommend you devise and IC reason for your character/s to leave, and mark them as inactive only to rejoin upon your return.

If you are a pack wolf and go on shorter absences (two weeks or less), you are considered to still be around in the pack—just not having any specific interactions with another character. However, if you must go on an absence ranging 2-3 weeks, it is generally assumed the wolf left to explore some part of Relic Lore/the rest of the world, with the permission of their leader of course. Please keep this in mind when you return from your absence. Of course, you can work out some other arrangement with your pack leaders—just make sure to talk it out with them in advance!