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Plotting! - Lilya - Feb 19, 2019

I know it's a bit off, but with the site reboot being talked about all I can seem to think about is potentially new characters to bring in?

I figured if anyone else was feeling that itch we could all talk about it, you know? Maybe set up some plot ideas or do some adoptables so we're all revved up and ready to go once everything is set up <3

RE: Plotting! - Adelayde - Feb 19, 2019

I'm game! I'm trying to find some inspiration but definitely want to get to creating a char to bring in!

RE: Plotting! - Lilya - Feb 19, 2019

Right now I'm working on the art for/backstory for a girl named Cherokee. She's tawny with brown eyes, very bubbly around people she's comfortable with, avoids talking about her family at all costs, and rather reserved in a big crowd. She's got a couple siblings whose personalities and stuff I haven't developed yet if you were interested? (Just about the only part of her back story I have managed to decide on was she came from a large-end litter of 4 and she doesn't get along with her family)

RE: Plotting! - Vaken - Feb 19, 2019

I love this idea!

If everything goes according to plan, I'll be bringing Vaken to the new site. I suspect Circe and Vaken will be travelling together with their pup and Ferreiran. If anyone is interested, Vaken does have a brother. I've referred to him as Ledare (how original it's literally just leader) in Vaken's history, but he's never discussed it much so that name can def change. Not much is developed in terms of his personality. He makes Vaken feel inferior and insecure, took leadership of their old pack, probably lawful good alignment?

Just throwing it out their if someone wanted to have family relations to him and create a new character.

RE: Plotting! - Lachesis - Feb 20, 2019

I’m also working on a character that ties in with Nams’ — a continuation of my coastal wolves. Not many details have been worked yet (we were plotting last night), but if anyone wants some info or wants to join I will be fleshing out some details hopefully tonight, but if not tomorrow. ♡

RE: Plotting! - Lilya - Feb 20, 2019

I did a little more development on Cherokee; TL;DR Karpos is a hoe.

I decided to make Cherokee and her siblings half-siblings of the other Karp litter, because Karp had gone out searching for Natalia around the time I had brought her in. He knocked up Cherokee's mom (Adrianna) and she found refuge with a pack of coastal wolves shortly after and had: Cherokee, Colmcille, Achall, and Tuari. Cherokee fit in better with the coastal wolves (and is BFFs with a boi Arla is working on <3) whereas her siblings weren't content with their way of life, causing a drift to form between her and her siblings. Her siblings often bullied and harassed her so she doesn't really like talking about her family unless it's with someone she is really close with.

I haven't figured out why she's going to leave the Coastal woofs yet, but it'd be cool if there were a couple of them who all wandered in around the same time (either for the same or different reasons).

TL;DR -- Arla beat me to it

RE: Plotting! - Reiko - Feb 20, 2019

nothing to contribute - but i want in, arla! XD

RE: Plotting! - Celandine - Feb 20, 2019

Ooohh also interested in these coastal wolves *w*

RE: Plotting! - Lilya - Feb 21, 2019

@Pinn and Nova - any ideas in mind? I’d love to collaborate with y’all’s coastal wolves and Cherokee

RE: Plotting! - Sahalie - Feb 21, 2019

Would people be interested if we had a family kind of like the Tainns at this new site? When row first opened there were like ~8 adoptable available