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Insanitas - Warriors RP - Visitor - Jul 30, 2019

Four Clans stand tall; Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan.
They live in mutual peace, surviving the seasons and carrying on with everyday life. That is, until a disease swept through the land, causing cats and prey alike to run ravaged, bloodshot eyes and foam frothing at the mouth. Their mind is no longer their own. Will the Clans keep their peace in these trying times?

This is a liquid Warriors roleplay! The lands are ravaged by rabies, a dangerous disease taking control of the wildlife. Food is scarce through all the seasons and finding trust in each other is difficult. 

The timeframe takes place in an alternative universe, so cats like Firestar do not exist, so you're more than welcome to play your favorite from the novels!

Enter Insanitas