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RE Suggestions
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RE Suggestions

Please post any RE suggestions you have here!  Once approved and moved to the stash, a mod will alert you.  Please make sure to look over the list to avoid any repeats.  You will be awarded ribbons based on number of accepted suggestions.

When suggesting pack or global events, please remember they cannot alter the landscape of Relic Lore.  A small flood is acceptable, but a huge landslide on Mount Dire is not.  We like to save those for BWPs.  

Currently Requesting:
  • Winter-themed REs for all categories, especially global or packs!
  • Food drops for SoW.

When posting for packs or individuals, please use the following format.  (It just helps me from having to delete things when copying into the catalogue!)

, an unusual amount of mushrooms have sprouted in your territory.



Ace: 45
Ash: 6
Becuffin: 21
Caro: 15
Cadence: 42
Emma: 9
Fenrir: 12
Ghost: 26
Grey: 37
Jacqueline: 17
Jena: 25
Kydnt: 5
Maeby: 2
Mimi: 1
Puppythief: 9
Sarah: 13
Silvia: 4
Steph: 5
Switch: 8
Tasha: 8
Vet: 13
Becca: 5
Van: 3
[Image: honeybadgerace.png]

A recent rainstorm has knocked over a bunch of dead trees.
A layer of fog has covered the forest, making things extra eerie.
Hundreds of crows litter the skies. Could it be a bad omen?
The moon is red tonight, casting a bizarre hue over the forest.

, squirrels are trying to use the main den to stash pre hibernation food!
, a dead tree has fallen right outside the pack den, blocking off the entrance.
, a coyote has died right inside pack borders and it is starting to stink!
, the wind sounds particularly scary tonight outside the pack den.
, a hoard of crows are wandering around pack territory.

, you stumble upon a dead skunk, covered in maggots.
, the wind seems to be calling your name tonight.
, there is a rotten smell, but you can’t seem to find the source.
, a worm has buried himself in your fur, refusing to leave.


, icicles have begun to form off your pack den!
, the ground outside the pack den is covered in ice, making it extra slippery.
, a large elk has frozen to death inside your borders.
, a strong snow storm makes it hard to find your pack den.

, you notice a pair of tracks in the snow that have been following you….
, a cold bird is trying to warm itself up against your fur!
, you wake up a hibernating squirrel by accident.
, you try to catch some snowflakes on your tongue.
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