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RE Suggestions

Please post any RE suggestions you have here!  Once approved and moved to the stash, a mod will alert you.  Please make sure to look over the list to avoid any repeats.  You will be awarded ribbons based on number of accepted suggestions.

When suggesting pack or global events, please remember they cannot alter the landscape of Relic Lore.  A small flood is acceptable, but a huge landslide on Mount Dire is not.  We like to save those for BWPs.  

Currently Requesting:
  • Winter-themed REs for all categories, especially global or packs!
  • Food drops for SoW.

When posting for packs or individuals, please use the following format.  (It just helps me from having to delete things when copying into the catalogue!)

, an unusual amount of mushrooms have sprouted in your territory.

RE Library


Magpies have overrun the forest!  
The sky is covered in mammatus clouds.  
A meteor shower overtakes the sky!  
Lenticular clouds are forming over Serpent's Pass.
An ominous formation of undulatus asperatus seems to bode ill for the residents of Relic Lore.
A sudden thundersnow blankets the land.  
The Lore experiences a bout of unseasonably warm weather.
Windy weather and moist snow have caused snow rollers to form all over.  
Ice boulders have formed on the shores of Turtleback Lake.  
Spinning ice discs are forming within bodies of water throughout the Lore.  
A cold snap seizes Relic Lore in its icy grip!
Dark clouds overhead threaten an incoming snowstorm. 
A rare freezing rain coats Relic Lore in a coat of ice! 
There is an active change in the Northern Lights! The sky lights up in greens, blues, and even shades of purple. 
A heavy snowfall with large flakes blankets the Lore in a strange stillness and silence.
The stars are unusually bright tonight. Maybe because it's also unusually cold.. brr.
Strange ice pockets have formed in the rivers, trapping fish as easy prey.
A spell of severe cold has dropped plenty of caribou in the Snowmarch Expanse, making for a grisly scene with their frozen corpses partially snowed over.
Snowmaggedon! A foot of snow has fallen overnight!
Take cover! A snow squall has kicked up intense winds and blinding snow.
Heavy winds have left massive drifts in open areas.
Drifting snows have left dangerous pockets in the Snowmarch Expanse. Don't fall in while traveling!
Quickly melting snow has turned rivers into rapids.
Flash flooding has caused local landslides.  
A double rainbow stretches through the sky.  
Spring showers have come early, resulting in heavy downpours throughout parts of Relic Lore.
Coho and chum salmon are beginning their migrations. Waterways are seeing higher traffic as predators target the fish.
Winter makes a comeback! A cold snap drops a dusting of snow across Relic Lore, killing early spring flowers.
Violent thunderstorms overtake Relic Lore.
Torrential rain has caused flooding in certain areas. 
A recent heat wave has left the forest drier than usual. 
A herd of caribou has entered the Snowmarch Expanse.  
The sky darkens with ash from a distant forest fire.  
A sudden downburst has flattened several small trees and shrubs. 
Migrating geese are making quite the racket. 
The nearby plants sparkle with autumn frost. 
Deer have become more careless as they enter their fall feeding-frenzy. 
As colder weather sets in, frost flowers can be found all throughout the forests. 
There sky is lighting up with an early aurora borealis!  Reds and green lights dance across the nighttime sky for hours.
The reindeer herds have started to arrive from their yearly migration and can be found in groups all over the Snowmarch Expanse.
The clack, holler and bang of rutting ungulates echoes across the lore.
The rivers seem to be shrinking as water begins to freeze upstream.
Mountain goats are beginning to descend from Mount Dire.
Strong winds are whipping up leaves into small colourful whirlwinds.


, a deer herd is migrating through your territory.
, an eagle is spying on your den.

, the winter storms have made some parts of your territory hard to traverse.  
, a winter storm has scared away much of your prey.
, it seems a black bear has decided to find a place to hibernate within you territory.  
, high winds have caused a snow drift at the opening of your pack den.
, due to recent snows, your local water source has become very difficult to access.
, a howling, keening blizzard blasts your territory, making it both hazardous and uncomfortable to be out in the open.
, a frostbitten bull moose stumbles into your territory.
, the temperature in your pack den drops below freezing!
, a lynx has been driven to desperation by the cold, and is raiding your caches.
, one particularly cold morning absolutely everything is covered in hoarfrost.
, a snow drift has hidden your pack's caches!

, your members seem to be getting ticks!
, a new rabbit warren has cropped up in your territory.  
, a funnel cloud reaches toward the earth within your territory before dissipating without incident.  
, there seems to be an infestation of squirrels. They are everywhere, dropping things and chattering angrily!
, a skunk seems to want to sleep in your main den...  
, a rattlesnake has taken residence in your den.
, a cougar has been spotted near your den following a successful hunt nearby.
, a lake sturgeon has been stranded in a small pool nearby following receding flood waters.
, a pair of tornadoes has touched down in your territory.
, some sort of mild illness is going around.
, a spring storm has destroyed one of your main caches.

, it looks like someone has been messing with your cache!
, an uninvited stranger has been to your communal den!
, a recent storm has washed out one of your hunting trails.
, many of the local florae seem to be plagued with a sickness.
, an unusual amount of mushrooms have sprouted in your territory.
, a gopher snake has made its home in your natal den.
, you catch a murder of crows scavenging through the pack caches!
, your water supply seems filled to the brim with fish!
, crickets kept you up all night with their songs.
, a small creature seems to be lurking near the pack den at night.
, a red ants' nest has developed near one of your caches.

, a mysterious pile of acorns has been left near a pack landmark. 
, a grizzly bear is fast asleep inside your borders due to pre-hibernation lethargy. 
, frost has claimed the last of the nearby medicinal plants. 
, migrating monarchs blanket a local clearing.  
, beavers are attempting to dam up your water source. 
, a pair of pine martens is trying to take over your main den!  
, a herd of mule deer has (foolishly!) decided to bed down within your territory! 
, look out! Something has spooked a herd of caribou into stampeding through your territory.  
, one strange tree in your territory remains vibrantly green while the rest have changed.
, a group of monarchs have stopped at your local watering site during their migration south.  They seem to be covering every available surface!
, a male elk in rut has taken up residence in your territory -- he's so bold, he's even ready to chase off you and your packmates!
, the aftermath of salmon spawning has drawn hungry bears to your local water source.
, a pair of blue herons have decided to bed down in your territory as they migrate south for the winter
, a small herd of wood bison have been driven into your territory in their search for food.
, a muskrat lodge is beginning to take shape in your local water source.
, due to a recent territory dispute, a cougar has been pushed into your territory.
, a pair of wolverines have decided they like your den more than their own!
, a snapping turtle is meandering through your territory, trying to take a chunk out of anyone that gets in his way.
, a fallstreak hole has appeared over your pack territory. What could it mean?
, two deer stags have locked antlers during a rut in your territory.
, a pair of coyotes are bravely eating from a carcass found near your territory.
, dozens of orange and black caterpillars have found your pack den warm and cozy.

Individual - Winter

,  you notice a creature frozen beneath the ice. 
, while walking you suddenly set your paw where a much larger creature had once stepped. 
, a nearby raven won't shut up about a nearby kill-site where sizable prey has died from the severe weather.  
, you're right in the path of a small snow whirlwind!  
, you slipped and fell into a frozen creek! 
, you've gotten your tongue stuck to a chunk of ice! 
, you need to hide your paw prints in the snow...   
, it's the middle of the night and you're too cold to fall asleep.
, you've caught a nasty cold! 
, you get caught in a snowstorm. 
, you find a frozen corpse.
, you wander across a frozen lake and notice there is something stuck half in, half out of it. 
, a pile of snow falls upon you. 
, you are witness to the wind the manipulating snow into a wolf-like figure before it is blown away to nothing.
, you must escape quickly as you're caught under an air strike of falling icicles.
, you encounter a bear that's woken from hibernation prematurely.
, the snowdrifts obscure the land and you accidentally fall into a ditch.
, since everything is covered in snow you made a wrong turn and are now unsure of your location.
, the aurora borealis has colored the snow red and green.
, your paws are bloody from digging in the ice. 
, your personal cache has been frozen over.
, you come across a squirrel that’s been startled out of its torpor.
, a hungry coyote is stalking you in hopes of a free meal.
, you notice the tell-tale lump of a brown lemming rustling under the snow.
, you come across a nice looking white-tailed deer antler. It would make a good chew toy!
, you accidentally skid into a tree after slipping on some ice.
, you find a branch partially frozen in the ice. Can you pull it out?
, due to high winds and snow at the edge of your nearest water source, a cryovolvano has formed. Watch out for the ice spray!
, you slip on a patch of ice and hit your "funny bone".
, you find a cluster of icicles in a strange formation.
, hoarfrost forms repeatedly on your whiskers, giving you a nice walrus mustache.
, take cover! Snow has changed to sleet. That stings!
, blowing snow has disoriented you.
, you've come across a stranded goose that seems to have forgotten to migrate.
, you find someone's prints in the snow near your personal cache.
, you've accidentally stumbled across a fox's winter burrow!

Individual - Spring

, a beautiful tune of birdsong wakes you up on a cool, spring morning.
, a ladybug lands on your nose and won't leave!  
, you find a trio of duck eggs!  
, you stumble upon a baby bird that has fallen from its nest...
, you come too close to a well-defended owl nest.
, you happen to see two bald eagles engaging in a mating ritual.
, you hear the bizarre croak of a blue heron.  
, a startled grouse smacks into you in panic.
, you venture too close to some nesting swans.
, you become lost in a thick pre-dawn fog.
, a line of ducklings seem to have mistaken you for their mother.  
, you come across a small pond choked full of tadpoles.  
, you have become stuck in a deep pool of mud!
, while you weren't looking, a mink stole your kill!
, you have inadvertently angered a bull bison. He has taken offense to your close proximity and is charging.
, a snake slithers across your path.
, take cover from the rain!
, the rainy season is giving you a headache.
, a butterfly lands on your nose when you are sleeping.
, during your dig you uncovered a fallen --and active-- bee's nest. They're not happy!
, the mating calls of all sorts of animals keep you up at night.
, you discovered some berries, only you can't remember if you were told they were definitely safe or definitely poisonous.
, is that just a coincidentally odd-shaped mud puddle... or has the rain filled in a giant paw print?!
, you stumble across a cairn. Who built it and why?
, a bird has decided to pluck your fur to use for its nest.
, a hungry stoat is trying to scavenge your meal.
, you come across a group of fish spawning.
, the pollen in the air sends you into a sneezing fit.
, you hit your paw on a tree root hidden by the last of the snow.
, chorus frogs disrupt your sleep with their noisy mating calls.
, you find a patch of flowers just beginning to bloom! They smell nice enough but are they safe?
, geese and their persistent honking ruin your spring afternoon.
, flower petals drift toward you on a cool breeze. Where did they come from?
, you find yourself out in the middle of a light, Spring rain shower.
, you witness a pair of fox cubs enjoying a sunny day by playing outside their den.

Individual - Summer

, a bug gets in your eye.
, lightning strikes a tree right next to you.
, you come across a bear cub but can't locate its mother.
, a starving golden eagle refuses to let you have its kill without a fight.
, you wake up only to find a huge spider on your nose.
, you come across an orphaned baby animal.
, you awake to glowing eyes staring at you from the dark.
, you have an unbearable itch that you simply cannot reach on your own.
, take shelter! A sudden thunderstorm is about to roll your way.
, you find yourself stepping into a ring of red-capped mushrooms.
, a squirrel keeps interrupting your nap.
, a small fawn has decided to spy on you.
, a very colorful butterfly wants to play a quick game of chase before continuing on its way!
, the beauty of a sunset catches you off-guard.
, you've contracted fleas.
, your evening has been filled with cricket-song.
, you find a bunch of freshwater mussels at your nearest water source.
, you catch a rare sighting of a hummingbird!
, you discover a snail!
, you find a bit of abandoned honeycomb in a tree just within reach.
, you misstep on a hill and roll your ankle.
, you step into an underground beehive. Flee!
, a swarm of fireflies seem to escort you this evening.
, a sudden storm is producing hail!
, after a recent storm, you discovery a newly formed stream.
, you've startled a snake from its sunning spot. Eek!
, a raven won't stop harassing you.
, a badger has taken an unusual amount of interested in you.
, you find a dead fish at the edge of your nearest water source...
, you accidentally sit down on an ant mound.
, you find a dead snake!
, you are bombarded from above with acorns by an angry squirrel!
, you're right in the path of a small dust devil!
, hmmm.  A crow seems to be under the impression that you understand what it's saying.
, you stumble upon a carcass - it has been mutilated, but not eaten even by scavengers.
, the heat has become so unbearable that you feel whoozy and may pass out.
, you’ve accidentally dug up the cache of a squirrel instead one of your own!
, a sudden cool breeze picks up, despite the warmth, sending a shiver down your spine.
, a bright flower draws your attention from the corner of your eye.
, there’s a weird shaped rock in your path! It looks a little odd don’t you think?
, a grasshopper jumps on your nose.
, the noisy grasshoppers are disturbing your sleep.
, a turtle tries to snap at your toes!
, a curious otter wants to play.
, you disturb a snake who is bathing in the water.
, you come across a raven with a broken wing.

Individual - Fall

, you find a pile of leaves to jump into! 
, you find a dead bird. 
, you walk right into a spiderweb. 
, you find a sprig of the season's last edible berries.
, an acorn randomly hits you square on the head.
, you happen upon an abandoned bird nest that has fallen from the trees.
, a little bat catches you off-guard. 
, you awake to glowing eyes staring at you from the dark. 
, you find a pair of bucks with their antlers locked together. 
, you hear bull elk bugling nearby. 
, you are charged by an angry moose! 
, you accidentally get in the way of a grizzly scavenging for pre-hibernation food.
, a mule deer is looking for a fight. 
, a badger wants to take your den for the winter.
, you have stumbled upon a salmon spawning site. 
, you witness high rising waters in a mid-autumn rain, causing banks to overflow. 
, an unusually large swarm of box elder bugs have come looking for a spot to winter. 
, you are in the woods when strong winds send hundreds of maple tree seeds spiraling into the air. 
, you wake up covered in a pile of leaves!
, you unearth a squirrel's hard-labored cache.
, you accidentally uncover a chorus frog attempting to hibernate beneath the fallen leaves. 
, you've disturbed a flock of geese as they rest during their winter migration!  
, you find the enormous, empty shell of a snapping turtle!
, you discover you are allergic to a flower/plant and now can't stop sneezing. 
, you accidentally walk through a patch of skunk bush. 
, a beaver is felling a tree nearby. Watch out for the falling tree!
, your curiosity gets the better of you and you accidentally get your head trapped inside a pumpkin.
, the sun sets much quicker than it used to and you wind up in the dark unexpectedly.
, there's a patch of trees nearby where the air seems a lot colder than everywhere else.
, a lone monarch butterfly has separated from its rabble and has decided to share your napping spot.
, the autumn rains have taken you by surprise.
, you happen to fall asleep on a soft, flowered patch of Solomon's Seal...
, you accidentally step on a dried, misshapen twig and frighten yourself!
, oh no! A bunch of tall ninebark seeds have gotten stuck in your coat...
, the sudden rattle of Yellow Rattle flower pods catch your attention.
, you trip into a patch of bur bushes!
, you snag your claw on a root and end up tearing it! Ouch!
, a moth finds your face appealing!
, you find a hidden patch of uneaten blackberries, yours for the taking!
, your personal cache has been raided by a hungry coyote!
, you spy a snowshoe hare that has molted its summer coat too early.
, you're at a nearby stream when you realize the autumn salmon run has started.
, dusky grouse have come down from the slopes and you've found one foraging in the understory.
, during a particularly mild night, you come across a tiger salamander emerging from fallen leaves.  What a rare sighting!
, a pair of crows has started to squabble over the last of the season's berries, and it looks like one is trying to drag you into their argument.
, the thick frost of the night before has hidden a slush puddle, and now your paws are soaked!
, you spot a carcass that is being guarded by a turkey vulture (watch out! They tend to vomit when threatened!)
, you approach a water source and find yourself faced with a territorial trumpeter swan!
, a pair of foxes moved into your den while you were out looking for food.
, you witness a stoat skillfully take down a large hare, but do you let him keep it?
, a rogue pronghorn is tangled in a low-lying shrub, but it looks like he still has plenty of fight in him.
, you picked a fight with the wrong mink and now you smell worst than someone sprayed by a skunk!
, you can hear the rumble of two bears fighting over a carcass near by.
, after walking through a strange, leafy bush your eyes won't stop watering.
, a scent draws your snout into a hollow log, but you end up crunching some wasps' sleeping quarters.
, a moose has decided to join your afternoon swim.
, something seems to be following you, but what?
, you wake up to a strange noise in the middle of the night.


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Becuffin: 21
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Caro: 15
Emma: 9
Fenrir: 12
Ghost: 14
Grey: 37
Jacqueline: 17
Jena: 25
Kydnt: 5
Maeby: 2
Mimi: 1
Namara: 1
Sarah: 13
Silvia: 4
Steph: 5
Switch: 8
Vet: 13
Becca: 5
Van: 3
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A recent rainstorm has knocked over a bunch of dead trees.
A layer of fog has covered the forest, making things extra eerie.
Hundreds of crows litter the skies. Could it be a bad omen?
The moon is red tonight, casting a bizarre hue over the forest.

, squirrels are trying to use the main den to stash pre hibernation food!
, a dead tree has fallen right outside the pack den, blocking off the entrance.
, a coyote has died right inside pack borders and it is starting to stink!
, the wind sounds particularly scary tonight outside the pack den.
, a hoard of crows are wandering around pack territory.

, you stumble upon a dead skunk, covered in maggots.
, the wind seems to be calling your name tonight.
, there is a rotten smell, but you can’t seem to find the source.
, a worm has buried himself in your fur, refusing to leave.


, icicles have begun to form off your pack den!
, the ground outside the pack den is covered in ice, making it extra slippery.
, a large elk has frozen to death inside your borders.
, a strong snow storm makes it hard to find your pack den.

, you notice a pair of tracks in the snow that have been following you….
, a cold bird is trying to warm itself up against your fur!
, you wake up a hibernating squirrel by accident.
, you try to catch some snowflakes on your tongue.
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