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Poll: How often do you use your timeline?
Not at All

[All Members] Timeline Poll
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I voted Not At All. I can see how it might be useful, but I never really used it (even back when it was working).
Voted "Other" - I recall when this feature was added (lovvved it) and used it up until bugs started making it wonky with missing threads.

With the addition of Character Chapters though, I'm sure we could get rid of it? I've never been one for griping over having to make my own "chronological thread log" of sorts (which I've run into in the past with human RPGs) but having the Threadlog keep everything with the character and having a nice place to make one's own timeline should suffice in lieu of the Timeline. (: Having the option to customize my own is a plus, too, without having to deal with automated stuff.

Chances are I have a BEN WHISHAW gif for that.
I did use it at first - but then I had kids and all that stuff that should be important (updating profiles, managing timeline) flew out the window with posting struggling to be a priority.

Would I use it? Probably not now that we have character chapters. I think its a bit confusing to have both the threadlog and the timeline, I would say we should have one or the other (and I make far more use of my threadlog than anything else).
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To be completely honest, I forgot timeline was on the character profiles. I chose not at all because I usually get the information the timeline would give me from the thread logs.
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I used the timelines often when it worked, and I've found myself needing it/going to check it (on my own characters and others') several times since it got bugged. Seeing these responses I just now realize how long it has been and that many of our newer members don't really know how it's supposed to work, and don't use it since it's been buggy since they joined.

What I like about the timeline is that it is automated, it adds as soon as you post/join them, and it is quick and easy to fix a date and such have a great overview of a characters timeline - which I find a really useful feature.
The character chapters are completely "free" as in whether you have one and how you use it is up to the individual player. This means that, not only would timelines have to be typed up manually, but they will (likely) be styled differently, and some people might have them in their top post, why others have them in the middle or the bottom and some wont have them at all... :/

Of course, even with the timeline feature, people might still not change it to reflect backdated threads and what not, but generally it still gives the idea of a characters timeline, and, at least in my experience, the fact that it is there and adds threads automatically encourages people to keep it "in order"

TL;DR I voted Regularly, because I really love the timeline feature and would love to have it fixed.
I second everything puppy stated.
Its especially useful for trying to figure out other characters timelines without having to slog through their threadlog.
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Thanks for voting everybody! If there are more thoughts/comments on the matter, I'd be happy to hear them. According to the poll, and taking into account what people have said here, it seems like we're split about 50/50 on whether or not the timeline feature is worth keeping around. Since it's split pretty evenly, I'm going to go ahead and work on fixing it up. One of my goals is to make it more efficient on the backend (right now there's over 10,000 rows in our database for the timeline - that's insane! It also doesn't even represent all of the entries either), but also make the user interface more user friendly.

So I'm looking for suggestions on a more intuitive interface, if anybody has any. I will be including a link to the instructions in the library, so there's no confusion about how it should be used.
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